Driving Position

Driving Position

The Correct Driving Position

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Porsche Racer Shows You How to Set a Perfect Driving Position. Even if you already know, this is an excellent review. By Chris Perkins. Mar 6, Porsche via politedriving.comted Reading Time: 1 min.

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VK Driving position is one of the keys to release your maximum driving performance and it is probably one of the first basic considerations to chose your seat. You can read it from its original source clicking here. The Correct Driving Position By: Ken Koop Have you ever been cruising down the highway and happened to notice the driving position of certain people in the car next to you? A few people drive with their seat set all the way back. Their arms are fully stretched out, having no bend at all in their elbows.

Then some people are so close to the steering wheel that you could not slip a CD between the steering wheel and their chest. Well obviously, both of these positions are incorrect for a number of reasons. In both of these positions the driver does not have the leverage or the movement required in their arms to make emergency driving corrections. For a professional race car driver or people lucky enough to have their own dedicated race car, their seat and steering wheel is set to a specified position that never changes.

They do this so that every time they get into their cars, the position is optimized to help them best perform their job. Go fast! So is there actually an ideal position for all drivers? Well, there is something very close to a perfect position that allows for comfort which leads to less fatigue , leverage, bracing and good control of the vehicle in all types of driving conditions.

It was not until I attended my first driving school that I actually learned about the correct seating position. Adjust the seat to the lowest position that still allows you a good view of the road ahead. This gives the driver a better feel for what the car is doing during any changes in speed or direction. You will get a better feel as to what the rear end of the car is doing if your body is firmly anchored to the seat.

Position the seat forward enough so your knee still has some bend in it with the clutch pedal being fully depressed. You do not want to be able to fully extend your leg or have to stretch while depressing the clutch. That will not provide you with adequate leverage while engaging the clutch or brake pedals.

Also, you do not want the steering column interfering with the movement of your legs while you are operating the brake or clutch. Your right foot should be comfortably placed to allow you to pivot the foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal without lifting the heel off the floor. This will provide you some additional bracing while cornering or during an emergency maneuver.

The correct distance from the steering wheel is easily adjusted with some simple techniques. The proper distance can be achieved with your shoulders resting against the back of the seat, and then stretching your arms out straight with no break in the elbows so that the wrists are resting on the very top of the steering wheel.

The wrists should be able to break so that your hands are able to droop over the far side of the wheel. If your wrists do not break at the top of the wheel, then you will need to adjust the seat or adjust the angle of the seat-back forward or backward to achieve this position.

If your steering wheel has adjustability for reach in and out and height up and down , this will give you some additional help in fine tuning your optimal position. Being too close or too far away from the wheel will inhibit your ability to maneuver in tight corners; i. An improper position may even require you to move your hands on the steering wheel while cornering, which is not only a terrible technique but can also be dangerous.

If you have front air bags, it is slightly safer in helping to prevent wrist or hand damage in case of an air bag deployment as well. Lastly, your elbows should be allowed to rest comfortably by your side. Now for a final check of your position.

Then make sure all of the dials and dash lights on the instrument panel are clearly visible without the steering wheel impeding your view. All three mirrors should be set to provide you with adequate visibility in all directions. With these final checks completed, you have successfully achieved your correct position. You were holding the wheel in the 10 and 2 positions and the seat-back was reclined too much. This new position will probably feel uncomfortable and strange to you at first.

With a little practice and care in your seating set-up whether you are driving your Porsche or another car , you can develop a better driving position that leads not only to better car control, but also makes for safer driving as well. This will provide you with a quick set-up routine.

You can carry this from one car to another and it only takes a minute to correctly set your position once you know what you are doing. After reading this article, my wife Robin, actually tried this new seating position. As predicted, she complained that she was too close to the wheel and felt very uncomfortable while driving.

But with just a few weeks of practice, she has become accustomed to her new set-up. If she was able to change and improve her driving habits after some 35 years behind the wheel, then anyone can a mandated age disclaimer; FYI my wife politely told me to mention that she started driving when she was 2 years old -yea right. The pictures in the article are taken courtesy of Randy Pobst. Randy is a professional race car driver and has driven Porsches for many years. He is a tremendous supporter of the PCA and an all around nice guy.

He and the K-PAX Team were very kind in cooperating with me to set up the car and driver so I could take these pictures for the article. Randy totally agrees with this seating position for the driver. Another thing that Randy felt was very important for the driver is the finger pressure on the steering wheel. Drivers should not have a death grip on the wheel. Rather, the steering wheel should be held with a light and relaxed finger grip. He won the drivers championship in , and plans on having another successful season in !

There is also a nice cheat sheet from drivingergonomics to check your posture and to ensure you are seating the right way. You can download original PDF here:.

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