Driving Posture

Driving Posture

Investigation On Driving Posture And Operating Habits Of Heavy Truck Drivers

By providing structural support and softly vibrating when you slouch, it will help you ensure proper driving posture. Specifically, it will your spine to remain correctly aligned, regardless of what you’re doing. In that way, you’ll certainly be safer and more comfortable while politedriving.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.

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Driving Posture Checklist. Health & Fitness / By MiriamW. If you are planning to go away over summer there is a good chance that you will be spending hours in the car. It’s important to stop every two to three hours and take a short break, this .

Your lower back starts to ache. Your arms and shoulders start to tense from gripping the steering wheel. Your upper legs start to hurt from sitting too long. If you’re in a vehicle for long drives, it’s important to improve your driving posture and incorporate stretching into your routine to prevent aches and pains.

With the American driving well over 6 hours per week, ‘how you are doing it’ is very important. 1. Keep the pelvis upright and all the way back in the seat. The slumping low back posture kids have at school and adults have at the office, often translates right into the automobile. If your pelvis is not upright, your upper body can not be upright either and your Email: [email protected]

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Easy Tips for How to Maintain the Right Driving Posture

Engineering Expert B. D, Industrial and Product Design, Auburn University Chris Adams is a human factors engineer who writes about ergonomics and has 11 years of experience in the field. Learn about our Editorial Process Updated on June 14, Whether it is your daily commute or the extended road trip, by the end of the average week you have accumulated a lot of time behind the wheel of the vehicle. A good ergonomic setup can go a long way to enhancing both the comfort and effectiveness of your driving, as well as preventing accidents due to highway hypnosis.

Luckily the car companies have already done a lot of work to make it easy for you to get it just about perfect. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t know how to properly adjust the driver’s seat. It is easy to slouch or roll your shoulders after a short time driving.

This will cause you all kinds of pain and prolonged problems. Keep your back lumbar and shoulders supported. And make sure you hold the steering wheel. Don’t just rest your hands on it. So if you are driving, get in the habit of taking it out and putting it in the console before you rev the engine up. And there is validity to that. But for the wheel itself, you want to set it in a position so that it rotates with an up and down motion of your arms using the elbows and shoulders.

If it is at too much of an angle to your body your arms will have to move forward as the rotate. That engages the chest muscles as causes a lot of torque on your otherwise stationary torso and that can cause fatigue and posture problems. Set your mirrors while you maintain a strong posture. Line up your rearview mirror with the top of the rear window or some other reference point so that if you start to relax your posture and slouch you’ll be visually reminded of it.

Stop the car and get out for a short stroll. This relaxes the muscles used while driving and gets the blood circulating again. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments have tightened up and your blood flow is not the best. Give them some time to stretch out and recover before you start bending and lifting.

Otherwise, you might tear something. Featured Video.

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