Driving Smile

Driving Smile

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I just wanna go home [Verse 1: Jimin, RM] In this excitement that’s driving me crazy I wasn’t even able to greet you (Yeah, right) Yeah I’m going out baby The whole world is my home [Verse 2: V.

North Park Driving Range

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It’s not one particular element of the trip, rather it was the seamless way the entire trip was organized and executed from start to finish. This allowed us to enjoy the people, cars and scenery without a care in the world. The people, places, food and roads were all superb. And saw so many great sites. Garden of the Gods and the drive up Pikes Peak were over the top experiences!

You couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face. The whole experience has just been great. A great team of people! And then I got to see all of his driving and it was so awesome, and all the roads they took us on, it was just great. I was expecting freeways. But the backroads, the challenges, the ups and down and switchbacks.

Every day. Then today coming down through the Golden Gate bridge, just awesome. The entire staff made our experience truly memorable" Porsche Experience Center Atlanta.

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