Driving Stereotypes Dude Perfect

Driving Stereotypes Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr. Posted on August 17, at pm. Written by dppanda.

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Driving Stereotypes is a Dude Perfect stereotypes video featuring Dale Jr., uploaded on August 17, The Wing-Man Mr. Lives In His Car The Dog Lady Girl Jams The Black Hole That Girl The Indecisive Stopper The Racer The Monster Bumper Sticker Steve The Mom Arm The Parking Police-Man Leaves It In Drive Larry The Backseat Driver The "Handicapped" .

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Love em or hate em, these drivers are everywhere. Huge thanks to Dale Earnhardt Jr! Click HERE to check out his foundation! politedriving.com W.

Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr

Sometimes he takes part in the competitions and wins them even. Ned tends to be very bubbly and talkative, but he can come off as egotistical sometimes. He is also known as being incredibly self-centered and seems to take a strong dislike to Ned Forrester. He has moderately long hair, a very long fur hat, and wears an extremely baggy white-and-green vest. He is known for being extremely talkative, often interrupting the Dudes in conversation, and has a very gruff personality.

He speaks with a Bostonian-British accent. Similar to Jon Carver, he wears a fake set of teeth that sticks out in front of his real teeth. He also has very long, blonde hair. He has brown hair, custom sunglasses, and a very large obviously fake handlebar mustache. He has a very precocious but obnoxious personality and speaks exactly like a skiier.

It’s a running joke on the channel that Coby isn’t good at battles, having only won four. This is mentioned in the video " DPHQ2 Trick Shots ," when Coby has a completely empty shelf in his office, and he says that it’s for his "future battle trophies. Channel milestones Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade.

Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

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