Driving Test Ireland

Driving Test Ireland

Driving Test Ireland

The RSA driving test in Ireland. What you need to prepare for and take the car and motorcycle driving tests. Documents, vehicle checks, six month rule. Learn more. Where to take the test. driving test centres by county and view details and a location map.

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In this video I will show you an A-Z of how to pass your driving test, each letter of the alphabet will be the first letter of a key word that you will need.

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Use the link below to apply for a driving test. You must pass this driving test before you can get a full driver’s licence. You must: hold a provisional licence for six months before applying for a driving test. have completed the mandatory lessons. know your current driver number and PPS number. Access service here.

Choose a driving test centre – you will be shown available test slots at your nearest test centre, however, you can choose to sit your test anywhere in Ireland. If you require assistance sitting your test, please click the ‘Special Accommodations’ option and advise us .

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How to apply for your driving test online. To apply for a driving test and add yourself to the waiting list, visit politedriving.com Open in new browser tab Open in new browser tab and follow these steps: Step 1. Log in or sign up using your verified MyGovID or register your details with the RSA.

13 Irish Driving Test Tips

When you attend for your driving test, you will be asked to identify a selection of road signs and to answer a selection of questions on the Rules of the Road. We have also included some additional questions without answers to test your knowledge.

When can you overtake on the left? When you have signalled that you intend to turn left. What is meant by a solid white line in the centre of the road? What does a broken yellow line mean? What does double broken white lines along the centre of the road mean? These alert the driver to continuous white lines a short distance ahead.

You must not cross them unless it is safe to do so. At a stop sign that has no white line, where should you stop? You must stop at the sign. You must obey the line that is nearest you. Who has priority at a roundabout?

You must give right of way to traffic already on a roundabout. When driving, when should you dip your headlights? When meeting other traffic. When following close behind another vehicle. On continuously lit roads. Generally, to avoid inconveniencing other traffic. Always watch for pedestrians or cyclists on the side of the road. If the dazzle is from an oncoming vehicle, avoid it by looking towards the left verge until the vehicle has passed.

What restrictions are there in relation to the use of the horn? Do not use a horn in a built-up area between Within what distance from the kerb should you park? Near a bend, the brow of a hill, a hump back bridge, a continuous white line, where your vehicle would obstruct a sign, at an entrance, opposite another vehicle on a narrow road, a taxi rank. What is the sequence of traffic lights? Green, Amber, Red.

What does a clearway mean? No parking during specified times or stopping unless you are waiting in a line of traffic. What rules apply to a box junction? You must not enter a yellow box junction unless you can clear it without stopping. An exception is when you want to turn right. You may enter while waiting for a gap in traffic coming from the opposite direction as long to do so would not block other traffic that has priority.

A pelican crossing is controlled by lights. What does an island in the centre of a pedestrian crossing mean? Zebra crossings with a central island should be treated as two separate crossings. Pelican crossings that go straight across the road count as one crossing even if there is a central island. What do the white zig-zag lines at a zebra crossing mean?

No overtaking or parking. What are the rules regarding bus lanes? A contra-flow bus lane is reserved only for buses, which means no other traffic may use it day or night. How far away should you park from a junction? Over 5 metres. What position would you take up for a right turn in a one-way street?

When turning right from a one-way street, drive as close as you can to the right-hand side. What are hatched markings? If you see these markings on the road you must not enter the area they cover. What does a yield sign mean? What is a filter light? An arrow light, green or amber, you may proceed in the direction of the arrow if it is safe to do so.

Stop unless it is unsafe to do so. What does a flashing amber traffic light mean? Proceed if the crossing is clear but pedestrians have priority. What do flashing red traffic lights mean? Stop, train approaching What does a continuous yellow line at the side of a road mean? No parking during certain hours. What do double continuous yellow lines at the side of the road mean?

No parking at any time. Give examples of where you would not park Near a bend, the brow of a hill, a hump back bridge, opposite a single or continuous white line, where your vehicle would obstruct a sign, at an entrance, opposite another vehicle on a narrow road, a taxi rank, near a junction, at a bus stop, on a footpath.

Within what distance from a pedestrian crossing, should you not park? What procedure must you adopt if crossing a dual carriageway with a narrow central median? If the median is too narrow for your vehicle, you must wait until you can complete the crossing. What are the differences between a motorway and a dual carriageway?

On motorways, exits to left only, no traffic lights, no junctions, no roundabouts, Kph speed limits may apply. Who has priority at a unmarked crossroads with roads of equal importance? What are the road markings for no entry? Pedestrians, animals, muddy surfaces, concealed entrances, slow moving farm machinery. When being overtaken, what must you not do?

Increase your speed. Where would you never make a U-turn? In a one-way street, where there is a continuous white line or lines, where a sign directs you not to. What is meant by tailgating? Driving too close to a vehicle in front, not keeping a safe distance. What human factors can affect your driving? Coasting is when the vehicle is not being driven by the engine i.

Who is responsible for seat belts? When following the road ahead on a multi-lane dual carriageway, which lane would you normally use? You would normally use lane 1 or the left-hand driving lane, unless road markings indicate otherwise.

Used as a measure of a safe following distance of at least 2 seconds in dry conditions, doubled in the wet and extended further in icy conditions. Ask yourself the questions below and see if you can answer them: How would you test if your handbrake is working properly?

How would you test if your brake lights are working? How would you know if you had a problem with your steering? How would you check to ensure that your tyres are in good working order? How would you check your tyre thread depth? How would you check your engine oil level?

If your brake fluid level is low, what might the reason s? How would know if your coolant level is low? How would you ensure that your head restraint is correctly adjusted? What warning light s will remain on after turning on the ignition? Once your comfortable with your questions and answers head on over to our brand new MockTheoryTest.

Test Questions Importance Your theoretical knowledge is an important part of the Driving Test preparation and shows the Tester that you know your theory when it comes to the Rules of the road just before going out on test. Making that first impression with the tester is crucial as it sets the theme of the Driving Test. You can check out our Driving Test Hints on Medium. How do we do this? Ever Consider Becoming a Driving Instructor? Ever wonder what it would be like to become a driving instructor?

We plan on changing the perception of what you think a typical driving instructor is! We offer full driving instructor courses for all anyone that holds a valid Irish driving licence for 2 years.

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