Driving Test Waiting Times

Driving Test Waiting Times

Driving Test Waiting Times

Covid has caused a large backlog of customers waiting for a driving test and unfortunately this means that it may be some time before we can offer you an appointment. This estimator tool will help you get a sense of potential waiting times. B. Car and light van. BE. AM, A1, A2, A. C, C1, CE, C1E. D, D1, DE, D1E.

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DRIVING test wait times are likely to hit 18 months despite Transport Minister Eamon’s Ryan pledge to reduce the backlog to 15 weeks, an expert has warned. Young drivers are now paying between Author: Aoife Horan.

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Current driving test waiting times as of December Waiting times at test centres are still around 5 months but cancelations do come up so it might be possible to get a test for around 3 months time. Please call us on as we may be able to help you get a driving test much quicker for your intensive driving course than Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

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Driving test waiting times

Were you unsuccessful on your last test? Was your driving test cancelled? You go on to the DVSA website, put in your details and preferred test centre and dates and to your despair you notice that the next available dates are months and months away. Now what do you do? Well you have 2 options You can go for the cheap option which is to keep logging in to DVSA website and check for cancellations regularly bear in mind this can take a very long time.

Or you can use us. Find Driving Test Cancellations We basically work for you. Why are the waiting lists so long? Short answer — demand for the driving tests. A typical example is Wood Green test centre. This in affect has now pushed the waiting list down to an average of 17 weeks there. Tests getting cancelled due to weather conditions like snow and ice.

To put it simply if the white give way lines become hard to see due to snow, visibility is low or the road has some ice patches then the likelihood is that test will be cancelled until the weather improves. A good tip is if you book your test in the winter try to book it later on in the day as the sun may come out and melt the snow away plus it should be a lot less foggy then.

Examiner strikes seem to be an annual occurrence, generally due to pay or working hours.

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