Driving With My Eyes Closed

Driving With My Eyes Closed

Driving With My Eyes Closed

You’re drivin’ with your eyes closed You’re drivin’ with your eyes closed You’re drivin’ with your eyes closed You’re gonna hit somethin’ But that’s the way it goes" Come guys were born to Rimbaud Some guys breathe Baudelaire Come guys just got to go and put their rockets everywhere You can breed ’em by the thousands; you can trick and you can train.

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Example 5: A woman dreamed of driving her ex-boyfriend’s car. In waking life she was having sex with him all the time to try to keep him interested in her while she got prepared to get pregnant without his knowledge. Example 6: A man dreamed of driving a car and driving in a direction opposite to what other people were telling him.

Driving with my eyes closed Lyrics: I think it’s time to let go / Drive with my eyes closed / Baby, I don’t wanna die / Tell me I’ma be all right / Cocaine nose / Driving real slow / I don’t give.

Drivin’ with Your Eyes Closed. Don Henley. Track 10 on. Building the Perfect Beast. Produced by. Greg Ladanyi, Danny Kortchmar &. Release Date. November 19, .

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Talk talk, bullshit My theory: The overall idea, taken from the title line and the chorus, is about pretentious people who are going through life without any meaningful direction or purpose, and that they’re bound to hurt themselves and others. The Frenchman used to be someone who did traditionally acceptable work the traditional legend of the princess who kissed the frog, which then turned into a prince , but now he only paints absurdities.

It seems to be a fall from grace and yet he is presented as a sage to whom we should listen he, after all, is the one who originates the chorus , so perhaps he represents someone who does his own thing no matter what other people think.

It does, however, make an argument against pretension, because the pretentious artist believes that art about love is beneath him. Perhaps this might even be a justification of BTPB’s thematic bent. Using a Frenchman to decry pretension is effective, I think, because they are stereotyped as arrogant and elitist in the United States and elsewhere.

The second verse starts out saying "some guys were born to Rimbaud. As brittanica. However, Don might also be referring to him as a type of person who squanders his promise because of his inability to stay focused on a meaningful purpose. Rimbaud abruptly stopped writing at 21 to go traveling and live a rather wild lifestyle. Baudelaire was an accomplished writer of criticism and other prose works, but I get the feeling Don is ribbing those who go around quoting his poetry all the time and fancying themselves quite sophisticated.

There’s not any purpose to their actions other than attention-seeking and arrogance. It could also be a subtle reference to Rimbaud’s failed arms dealings overseas, but I doubt it. Going back to the dog metaphor, it isn’t unusual to refer to people who aren’t very impressive as dogs, and I think Don is doing so here. The irony is that these are "artists" who think quite highly of themselves; some of them may be born into it, some of them may be trained, but they can still wind up dragged down by their attitude to their doom the Seine is a river in France.

The next verse seems to shift to the singer addressing his lover. He’s telling her all of this, but he doesn’t think it’s doing any good. Shooting arrows into the sky is futile; like a person, an arrow should be aimed and have a purpose. This speech isn’t going anywhere, apparently.

He ironically cites Baudelaire’s "Death of Lovers" himself next to Whitman’s "Punishment of Pride" , and decides to just give up and go inside. Note: Whitman was highly influenced by Transcendentalism, Don’s favorite poetic movement. What I’m a little unclear on is whether he’s trying to get his little "maniac" to be less pretentious and purposeless and he’s given up, or he’s whether he’s self-aware about the fact that he’s pretentious and purposeless, but he’s stopped caring and is going to take his mind off of it with his "maniac.

Any thoughts, especially about whether he’s talking about himself or the girl at the end? Or both? Or neither because I’m completely off-base? Always in our hearts, Never forgotten.

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