Fast Driving Girls

Fast Driving Girls

Fast Driving Girls

Fast Driving GirlsOfficial YouTube Channel. Fast Driving Girls Official YouTube Channel.

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The actor used to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and actually build himself a white ranch house there. Alamy Stock Photo The construction was executed flawlessly. Everything from the cabinetry to the window framing was done by the hands of Harrison Ford. Ford Crashed His Plane Did you know Ford not only owns his own plane, but is actually a licensed pilot? The actor is truly talented, but unfortunately, his hobby is quite dangerous. One day during a regular flight, Ford lost his engines and was forced to make a crash landing into this grassy patch of land.

Getty Images Photo by Rich Polk and Mondadori The actor was quickly taken to a hospital, and was diagnosed with a shattered ankle and pelvis, broken back, and head trauma. Despite his many injuries, his wife, Calista Flockhart, motivated him to get back in the air right after he recovered. While he has a knack for saving damsels in distress in his films, the actor also has a history of saving people in real life.

Getty Images You see, Ford has an obsession with flying, and owns several aircraft. He once used his helicopter to locate and rescue injured hiker Sarah George near his Idaho ranch. The actor has also rescued various boy scouts who had gotten lost in the woods. In , he was driving along the highway in California, when he heard a car roll off the highway and crash. Getty Images Photo by Warner Brothers Ford and several others quickly got the driver safely out of the vehicle, and took care of him until paramedics arrived at the scene.

Despite his abundance of opportunities, the actor is known for being very picky when it comes to his roles. All of these films ended up becoming successful blockbusters. We wonder if Ford ever regretted it. Ford Has False Teeth The actor has been known for some pretty daring action scenes over the years.

Chin Scar Ford is quite a handsome guy, but far from flawless. The actor has a very distinct scar below his lips. He received it back in , after crashing his vehicle into a telephone pole at high speed. The accident occurred when Ford was trying to put on his seat belt in mid-drive. Alamy Stock Photo Today, well past 70 years old, the media has had plenty of time to interview Ford. Alamy Stock Photo This famous scene was apparently an improvisation by Ford.

This never quite materialized, as he had to settle for being killed in Star Wars: The Force Awakens by his son Ben sending him to his untimely death. Ford Used to Work as a Carpenter Ford initially moved to LA in pursuit of an acting career, but was turned down by many studios before finally scoring his first big role.

In the meantime, the aspiring actor had to pay the bills to support his then-wife and two young sons. Getty Images Photo by Paul Harris Ford taught himself to become a professional carpenter, and used the profession as a way to continue auditioning for various roles.

Nowadays the actor is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but he can also build you a damn good dresser. Conservation Work Ford has done a great deal over the years to help conserve various exotic and endangered species. He was honored for his work by having two Central American insects named after him.

The first, is the Pheidole harrisonfordi ant, and the second, is the Calponia Harrisonfordi spider. He has done extensive work both in the wild and in boardrooms to help these helpless creatures. No one gets an ant and a spider for nothing. Ford was approached by various Japanese companies and offered big commissions for participating in various ads.

You can thank the internet and especially YouTube, for sharing with us the incredibly entertaining outcome of his work. Small Beginnings It took Ford a few years of hard work and bold efforts before he finally scored his first few big roles. Alamy Stock Photo The program found various small film roles for him, which helped the aspiring actor start off on the road fame.

Eventually, his connection with George Lucas helped him get the role as Han Solo, and from there, the rest is history. Discovering His Passion in College Ford always described himself as a "late bloomer" when it came to developing his love of acting. He began his career in college by doing some radio and sportscasting gigs, while majoring in English and Philosophy at Ripon College in Wisconsin.

His Love of Aviation Ford is a licensed pilot of both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. The actor and pilot appears in many s that advocate safe flying for aircraft owners and pilots. Getty Images Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler While we all know him for his acting, Ford is extremely active in the aviation scene, and helps promote the rights of pilots. He also donated substantial amounts of money to The Bob Hoover Academy, which educates at-risk teens in central California and teaches them how to fly.

In a interview with Carrie Fisher who portrayed Princess Leia in the films the actress confessed that apparently – it actually did! Alamy Stock Photo Despite being just 19 years old at the time, she and Harrison Ford had a famous affair. He has not commented publicly about the affair since it was first revealed.

Married Three Times Throughout his life, Ford was married three times. His first marriage was to his college sweetheart, Mary Marquardt. The marriage began in , around the time the aspiring actor moved to LA to pursue his acting career, and resulted in two children.

They separated fifteen years later in The actor has since been married to actress Calista Flockhart, and the two are still going strong. The actor was also required to give her a portion of his royalties from various films he made while they were still married. Not the Best Decisions While Ford has worked hard to keep his private life as guarded as possible, there were a few leaks, especially from actress Carrie Fisher. The two had to get back to work early the following morning, so instead of going to sleep and waking up with a hangover, they decided to stay awake together and came to work drunk.

He originally had it pierced back in , when Ford was already 55 years old. Alamy Stock Photo The actor was sitting at lunch with his friends one day and noticed that he was the only one without an earring. This prompted him to get his ear pierced later that day. Since then he has been making up for lost earring time She and Ford began a secret relationship after meeting at the Golden Globe Awards on January 20, Seven years later, the couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day, in Friendship with Roman Polanski Ford appeared in famous director Roman Polanski’s mystery-thriller, Frantic, and the two have become great friends ever since.

The director was arrested in after admitting to drugging and having intimate relations with a year-old girl. He has since been hiding from U. He had a very short and small role, and was not credited for his performance. He told the young actor that he had no future in the film industry, and that it would be best to just stop trying. Friendship With George Lucas Harrison Ford and esteemed film director George Lucas were first introduced by a mutual friend, just a few years before Lucas began creating his Star Wars film franchise.

Both were relatively unknown at the time and had pretty good chemistry from the beginning. Lucas is largely responsible for Ford’s fame, and the two are great friends to this day. They also had a very unique working relationship. The master swordsman begins showing off his skills and waits for Indy to make the first move. Alamy Stock Photo Instead of fighting him, Indy just looks at him with a tired expression and proceeds to shoot him from point blank.

This was originally meant to be a long action fight, but Ford was sick and weak that day, so he decided to shoot him instead. Although Ford has never received an Academy Award for his work, he was extremely excited about receiving this very high honor. It was a moment he dreamed of for decades, which finally became a reality. Getting Injured on Set Ford has seen quite a few injuries while filming his various movies. Many of these failed stunts involved him receiving the type of damage that would normally end a career, but he magically recovered from all of them.

Alamy Stock Photo In , the actor herniated a disc in his spine while riding elephants for Temple of Doom. Just a few years ago, a door crushed him and broke his ankle while filming The Force Awakens. Ford was airlifted from Buckinghamshire to a hospital in Oxford so he could get emergency surgery. He later sued the studio and won. Not Quite a Father Indiana Jones was an extremely successful action franchise, and ended up spawning three films during the ’80s.

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which came out in , the main character spent some of the film with his father, Henry, who was played by Sean Connery. The two ended up having great chemistry and their performance was largely well received. Things only got worse when the aspiring actor discovered that he shared the exact same name as the silent film actor.

He claims that the letter was just a random pick. When the actor first announced he was going to do an AMA Ask Me Anything on the popular discussion site Reddit, fans prepared questions that were on their minds for years.

The dystopian movie quickly became a cultural phenomena, and has a cult following even today. Alamy Stock Photo Blade Runner is set in a dystopian Los Angeles in , and features Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, a bounty hunter who is responsible for killing androids that escape from off-world colonies.

Pictures announced a sequel to the legendary Blade Runner was due for release in They got asked many different questions by reporters ranging from funny personal questions and anecdotes, up to mind-wrecking inquiries by hardcore fans of the franchise. He uses his money to buy expensive cars, motorcycles and aircraft, and also helps support various humanitarian and animal causes.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Winter Like many of his fellow Hollywood actors, it seems that the richer Ford gets, the less he cares about proper grooming. This inexplicable trend has been going on for the last decade or two. Working on a Handshake Harrison Ford and director George Lucas were friends, but the nature of their relationship was so trusting that the two worked exclusively on a handshake-basis when it came to the making of the three original Star Wars films.

Despite the movie being a disappointment both in-terms of reviews and based on revenue, it had a silver lining, at-least for Ford. His Support of Archaeology Harrison Ford was always interested in unique fields such as aviation and zoology.

When he portrayed Indiana Jones, these interests also expanded to the field of archaeology.

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