German Driving License

German Driving License


To get a German driving license, you need to personally apply for it at the road traffic licensing department (Straßenverkehrsamt) or the driving license office (Führerscheinstelle) in the city that you are registered in. You can make an Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

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German driving licences are valid for 15 years from the date of issue. To renew you just need to make an appointment at your local driving licence authority before your current licence expires. You will need to bring your licence and a recent passport photo. The new licence costs around 24 euros and should be ready within four weeks. Renewing a foreign driving licence in Germany.

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You may have heard that a German driver’s license has no expiration date, but that is no longer true. That changed in when, conforming to EU guidelines, German driving licenses became valid for only 15 years. Licenses issued before January 19, will expire no later than January 19,

German Driving License Explained [How-to English Guide]

As of January 1, , U.S. driver’s license holders must be in possession of a German license six months after entering the country, if they wish to continue driving. U.S. citizens planning to stay less than a year, however, may legally drive in Germany for up to days in Germany on their U.S. driver’s licenses.

German Driving License Explained [How-to English Guide]

Other Countries Are you from another country than the ones mentioned above, than you may continue to use your license for a maximum of days after making residence in the Netherlands, after which you must pass the regular CBR theory and driving tests.

International driving licences A driver in international traffic is someone who does not live in the Netherlands but does drive a vehicle there. Examples are tourists, representatives and drivers of trucks or coaches. International driving licences are only legalised translations of a national driving licence.

It is not possible to exchange an international driving licence for a Dutch driving licence. One condition that applies to exchanging a driving licence issued outside the Netherlands is that the driving licence must be valid at the time you make the application. Procedure at the Municipality To obtain a Dutch driving licence, you must submit your application at your local district council office Stadsdeelkantoor. To be eligible to exchange your licence, the following conditions apply: You must be registered with your local municipality You must have a residence permit unless you are a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland Your driving licence must be valid at the moment of application Your driving licence, if issued in a country outside the -EU or EEA , was issued after being a resident of that country for at least days.

The process takes two weeks. When your Dutch driving licence is ready to be collected, you will receive a letter from the RDW that your licence can be collected. This can only be done in person. Note: when you apply for a Dutch driving licence, you hand in your current one. While your application is being processed, you are not permitted to drive.

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