Girl Driving Car At Night

Girl Driving Car At Night

Teen Driver And Passenger Safety, Teens Ages 15 To 19 Years

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Women Driving Alone: How To Protect Yourself. When you’re a woman driving alone, car crashes are far from the only risk you face. Carjacking, abduction and falling prey to a police impersonator.

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Long Island teen killed after alleged drunken driver smashed into car

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NFL Star Kills 23-Year-Old Woman in Car Crash While Drunk Driving at 156 MPH: Cops

The New York State Graduated Driver Licensing Law requires all occupants to be appropriately restrained when riding with a junior licensed driver. What do we need to do? Getting a driver’s license can be a big milestone in a teen’s life.

Before your teen applies for a driving permit, consider the following when making your decision: Is your teen mature enough to safely take on the responsibility of driving? Who will teach your teen to drive? Driving may seem easy to learn to adults who have many years of experience behind the wheel.

However, learning to drive can be very challenging to a new driver. It involves learning basic skills, developing judgment, decision-making skills and lots of practice time behind the wheel to become a good driver. Driving instructors or driver education teachers can teach your teen the rules of the road and help your teen to learn and practice the basic driving skills. At least 50 hours of adult supervised driving is required before a teen driver takes the wheel without adult supervision, even if your teen has received driving instruction.

Parents and teens should keep track of the hours they drive together and vary the driving experiences. For a driving practice log and information on suggested skills to practice go to The Parent’s Guide to Teen Driving. My teen just passed the road test and has a driver’s license. Safety experts recommend that newly licensed teenage drivers do not transport teenage passengers for the first 1, miles, or 6 months, of unsupervised driving.

The risk of a fatal crash for a teen driver doubles with the presence of just one teen passenger. Each additional passenger increases the risk of a fatal crash. What can I do to help my teen drive safely? Teens whose parents set rules and limit driving privileges such as driving at night, driving with teen passengers are less likely to drive unsafely, get ticketed for driving offenses by police officers, and get in a crash.

The agreement should include driving restrictions, rules and consequences for breaking the rules. Start giving new privileges one at a time if your teen is crash and violation-free for the first six to 12 months after licensure. Some car insurance companies have teen driving safety information and this type of agreement. Your teen is likely to adopt your driving behaviors and attitudes.

Set a good example by always using seat belts, avoiding driving distractions, such as using cell phones, and obeying speed limits. Is it safe for my children to ride with my teen driver? This is because teen drivers lack driving experience and judgment. Also, younger brothers or sisters may not listen to a teen driver and act in ways that may be distracting. A certified child passenger safety technician can provide hands-on installation education.

To find a fitting station or child safety seat check-up event in your county, see Child Safety Seat Events Calendar. What should I do if my teen will not comply with my safety rules? If you are concerned about your teen’s safety, you can withdraw your teen’s driving privileges by completing a Withdrawal of Consent form and bringing it to your local Department of Motor Vehicles office. Are there any other State laws I should be aware of? New York State law prohibits all drivers from using portable electronic devices, such as cell phones, laptop computers, and smart phones.

New York State allows drivers to use hands-free cell phones.

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