Girls Driving

Girls Driving

Utah Girls, 9 And 4, Crash Parents’ Car While Driving To California To Swim

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In the southbound lane, driving at 70 mph, Brolly’s truck collided with a Mazda SUV that rolled several times and wound up 50 feet off the roadway. After impact, Brolly’s truck was sent back into the northbound lane, where it struck the vehicle he had originally attempted to pass. Inside the Mazda were two year-old girls and two year-old girls, all juniors at Neshaminy High School.

They suffered devastating injuries including broken bones and fractures, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries that required surgery, and multiple lacerations, prosecutors said. Brolly’s passenger, Eion Quinn, suffered serious internal injuries that required surgery, multiple abrasions from the seat belt and pain in his hip and lower back.

The three occupants of the third vehicle were treated at the scene and released. The four Neshaminy High girls were hospitalized for several weeks and missed time from school. For weeks, she was limited to eating liquefied food through a straw and was greeted by classmates and her community with a parade when she returned home in late April.

Any moment after that, we were willing to handle and fight through, and her attitude and determination helps us out as parents. On the night of the crash, authorities found opened and unopened beer cans inside Brolly’s truck and investigators later learned that Brolly had been drinking heavily throughout the afternoon and evening. Interviews with witnesses revealed that Brolly and Quinn had each purchased a pack of beer in Montgomery County before 4 p.

Only five of the 24 beer cans remained unopened in the truck after the crash. While at the bar, prosecutors said Brolly sent a text message to his cousin to let him know that he would not be returning the truck that night because he had been drinking, saying he planned to return it the next morning. But Brolly left the bar with Quinn in the truck and picked up another friend on the way to a second bar.

James said in court on Thursday. Shortly before 10 p. When Brolly became agitated, his friends and a couple they had met at the bar tried to calm him down. They asked him not to drive and a woman offered to get him an Uber ride home. Another friend told Brolly he could spend the night at his home, investigators said. Brolly and Quinn got into the truck and Brolly sped away, crashing with the Mazda about 20 minutes later.

Investigators learned that Brolly is a United Kingdom citizen who has lived in Philadelphia for two years and doesn’t possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license. Finley to charges including DUI, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and several traffic violations.

His sentencing has been deferred to a later date.

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