Golf Driving Iron

Golf Driving Iron

Using A Driving Iron On The Golf Course (Advantages And Disadvantages)

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What is a Driving Iron? Driving irons are low, lofted irons that allow golfers to reach long distances off the tee. The golf ball trajectory using a driving iron is lower to the ground as compared to a fairway wood or driver. Here are the three common driving iron lofts: 2 Iron – degrees; 3 Iron degrees; 4 Iron- degrees.

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Best Driving Irons 2020 Golf Digest

Great distance and forgivenessof launch Still priced a bit high for a driving iron. Srixon is a brand that does not get enough attention. The Srixon U85 is a utility iron or driving iron that offers players lots of distance and some fantastic feel. One of the things you have to look for in a driver iron is that you can get enough launch. With these clubs being lower in the loft, you will need a bit of extra help getting them in the air.

With the Srixon U85, you get everything you need to hit controllable long-distance shots. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Now that you have some great choices for the best driving irons on the market, it is time to help you try and narrow down which one is the best for your golf game. A utility iron and a driving iron are essentially the same things.

Some companies like to call them utility irons, and others like to call them driving irons. In the past, people would consider a driving iron to be something that you could use instead of a driver off a tee. In recent years they have been known to replace long irons, fairways, and even hybrids. Yes, in fact, a driving iron is a perfect replacement for a hybrid. The only area where the driving iron will not perform as well as the hybrid is out of the rough.

The driving irons are better anytime that you need to control trajectory. With hybrids having such a low center of gravity, they tend to launch very high, and therefore it can be hard to control the ball flight. If you like hitting low stingers on the golf course, the driving irons are a better fit for you. The lofts on a driving iron will vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Some will offer 2 iron options, and others will start at the three or four. Yes, a degree driving iron is going to be a good replacement from a five wood. Fairway woods are built for maximum distance but not necessarily maximum control; the driver irons are easier to control. Shaft Since this is a low lofted club that you will want to hit far, you should seriously consider going with a graphite shaft in your driving iron.

You will get some extra distance, extra forgiveness, and extra loft. If you happen to have a very fast swing speed, then you can consider steel. Even if you play with steel-shafted irons, it is ok to switch to graphite with these long iron clubs.

The difference is going to help increase performance quite a bit. After all, this club needs to be a perfect combination of both distance and control. A few of the things to look for when you want added distance are a thin club face, hollow cavity design, and high moment of inertia. If you find a club offering these three things, it will certainly be a distance option. Forgiveness By nature, the lower lofted long iron clubs are going to be less forgiving. It takes higher swing speeds to hit a lower lofted long iron well.

If you are worried about forgiveness, start with something in the 4 iron loft and increase from there. Choosing an adjustable golf club head that gives you loft options could be a good choice. Another factor to consider when it comes to forgiveness is the center of gravity.

The low center of gravity gives a bit better miss when the ball is hit slightly off-center, and it provides higher launch as well. If you are a mid to high handicapper, choose a club with a lower center of gravity.

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