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Golf practice net prices. Golf practice nets start at around $30 and can easily reach up into the hundreds of dollars. On the low end are more compact chipping nets. Inexpensive driving nets can be found for around $As you go up in price, you can expect to find larger nets, a more rugged build that can withstand the onslaught of larger balls like soccer balls, and advanced .

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Best Golf Driving Practice Nets With Included Chipping Target for 1. Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net. If you’re looking for the full at a reasonable price, a golf practice net for your backyard that comes with a detachable/attachable chipping ring target, this is absolutely one of the best options.

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The Net Return Pro Series hitting net pulls out all the stops, with the best features, high-quality design, and long-lasting construction you could hope for in a golf practice net. The Net comes in at 7 ½ feet tall, 8 feet wide, and just 3 ½ feet deep, making it .

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The way a golf driving nets is designed and manufactured and the material it is made of are key attributes indicating how durable it will be. Choose the golf driving nets that has the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or Plus, make sure it features a sleek design that’ll look great in any place.

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And indeed it is. The Pro Series is designed to withstand over , shots at ball speeds of mph. It can be used indoors just as well as it can be used outdoors, although we suggest using stakes or sandbags outdoors to prevent the wind from knocking it over. It also has a very handy ball return feature that brings the ball back to your feet after every shot.

The black polyester netting is commercial-grade and UV-treated for maximum durability. The ball return feature is not only convenient, but it also gives you feedback for your shot. For example, hooks will tend to roll past you, while slices will tend to roll in front of you. The Pro Series net comes with a duffle bag for transporting and storage.

The convenience and reliability mean that you can practice at home whenever you want, without spending an arm and a leg on balls at the driving range. There are various optional add-ons that you can get with the Pro Series V2, including side barriers and a mat.

We decided to rank this net high on our list because of how well it held up in our tests, as well as its overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. It also includes a hanging hitting target, which is a nice bonus for improving your accuracy. The net was built to be portable; the frame can be easily collapsed, allowing you to move the net around as you please.

Assisting with this is an included carry bag. Like the Home Series V2, it can be used indoors or outdoors great for garages. It can easily handle ball speeds of mph. With the Pro Series V2 net, you can get great feedback on your shot. For instance, hitting a straight shot will mean that the ball should roll back to where you struck it.

Check out the Pro Series V2 in this video: When evaluating the Pro Series, we were impressed with the quick setup given the size. We also like how compatible it is with other components of a full simulator setup like mats and screens. If you want a cheap golf net, you should look at this model from Hit Run Steal. You can place in the yard, on the patio, indoors, or wherever else you have the space around the house.

Additional Details To start, the base of the frame is made of steel for stability, while the rest of the frame is made of a flexible fiberglass. There is also 7 ply knotless netting that is designed to last a long time. These can be purchased here. The black UV-treated netting is dense, and the baffle is made of heavy-duty archery netting. All balls are easily stopped by the backdrop. Cimarron has assembly instructions with diagrams.

Customers love the spacious hitting area, the impressive durability withstands freezing rain, high winds, snow, etc. The Pro Series XL will do that for you. The Pro Series XL sits at a very large 9. If you have the space for it in your home and the budget, the Pro Series XL is certainly the hitting net you want to have.

Additional Info The Net Return Pro Series XL net provides the same benefits as the Pro Series V2 net including ball return with informative shot feedback, multi-sport functionality, quick assembly and easy transport with an included duffle bag. The net weighs 49 lbs and has a , shot guarantee.

Assembly takes 15 minutes or less. You can order it in a variety of custom colours and logos here. The smaller size makes the Mini Pro Series very portable. It has four targets that can be used to improve accuracy through the bag. The living room, the backyard, the basement — this net can be set up indoors or outdoors equally well. Features The SASRL 5-In-1 Golf Hitting Net comes with one large target and three small chipping targets that can be hung over the front of the net, allowing you to dial in every club in your bag.

The net is made with 0. Because of the pre-attached frame and built-in ground sheet, setup is very quick, taking just a couple of minutes. Clear step-by-step instructions are provided. Included with the purchase is: one net.


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