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Golf Driving Tips

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There is a public golf course in the centre of the racecourse that has a great, and well priced, driving range. The 9 hole course is often very busy on weekends, and has very short holes. The club house has a BBQ cafe and bar for a cold beer, and taking cold beers to the driving range is not a problem. Plenty of parking TripAdvisor reviews.

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Dominate with your driver in three easy steps

Many amateur golfers are always on the lookout for effective golf driver tips. Few things in this life feel as good as hitting a nice, long drive straight down the middle of the fairway. That feeling is what brings so many golfers back to the course time and again, despite the bunkers and the bogeys. But first things first.

This fact alone should be your reminder of one detail many amateur golfers forget: When you swing your driver, you always want to hit up on the golf ball. This means your driver swing should be different from the swing you use with your irons. Many common driver mistakes begin with golfers using the same approach to driver shots that they use for iron shots. The problem?

Your driver is the longest club in your bag. The Fix When you take your setup at the tee, widen your stance so that your feet are roughly shoulder-width apart. But the main idea I want to get across is that whatever your current stance width is, you could probably afford to go wider. For every one person I tell to narrow their stance, I advise ten others to widen it.

This is another habit that works great with irons but can kill your drives. The Fix: Position the ball slightly forward in your stance. I usually tell my students to position the ball off the inside of the lead arm or in line with the logo on a golf shirt. Another way to set it up is to imagine a line tracing straight out from the inside of your lead heel. Position the ball on that line. Mistake 3: Your Shoulders are Level Another common error among amateur golfers is to level the shoulders when they take their setup.

Why is this incorrect form? Because level shoulders are going to make you hit down on the ball. Are you picking up on a pattern here? The Fix: As you take your driver setup, tilt the shoulders slightly. You want the lead shoulder to be slightly higher and the trail shoulder to be slightly lower. The next time you approach the tee: Tee the ball up so half of the golf ball is above the top of your clubhead.

Stand with your feet together and the ball in the center. Step your lead foot forward just slightly. Step your trail foot back past your trail shoulder. Tilt your shoulders so the trail shoulder is a little lower than the lead shoulder.

Close your shoulders away from the target so your lead shoulder works toward the ball just a little. Then, take your swing. This slight rightward aim will help you hit a nice, high draw. Do you have any of your own tips to share? Any questions about the advice in this article? Anything here you disagree with? Join us in the comments to share your thoughts!

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Driver Basics For Longer Straighter Golf Shots

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