Golf Tips On Driving

Golf Tips On Driving

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The simplest effective tip for boosting driving is hitting from the inside on your downswing. A study done by Golf Digest shows that you can add 40+ yards off the tee by making this adjustment. Hitting from the inside means swinging the club from inside the target line instead of outside the target politedriving.comted Reading Time: 8 mins.

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10 things golfers need to do to hit longer drives. 1. Groove center While it may seem a bit obvious, hitting your driver properly in the center of the face makes a huge difference. One of the 2. Get a good setup. 3. Turn your torso. 4. Get a Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

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Golfers can expect to lose about one yard of driving distance each year after turning As a round number, golfers can expect to lose about one yard of distance each year after turning It is really kind of cool to think that the average year old can only outdrive the average year old by about 50 yards or so. What are the driving distance differences between men and women? Due to a drastic difference in height, weight, and overall muscle mass, there is a difference between the average drive for a male golfer and the average drive for a female golfer.

According to a study released by the USGA, men tend to drive the ball about 67 yards further than women golf. If you are a guy reading this and think that means you can beat any lady golfer, think again! I have personally lost to many ladies on the course because they hit the ball straight as an arrow every time. Average Driving Distance by Handicap Do better golfers with a low handicap simply drive the ball further than other golfers? Source: USGA Driving Distance Report Low handicappers of less than 6 drive the ball about yards on average, which is not as far as you may have thought.

Average level golfers with a handicap of usually drive the ball right around the yard mark. Interestingly, every level of golfer is hitting the ball further since This graph shows how far equipment technology has improved the game of golf over the last 25 years.

We all know bombers like DeChambeau and Koepka really bomb it off the tee, but how far does your average PGA Tour player hit their drive? The average of the longest 20 hitters is yards. DeChambeau leads all PGA golfers with an insane yard average off the tee. Surprisingly, Bryson is only a few yards longer on average than Wyndham Clark and Cameron Champ It is fascinating that 50 yards separate the longest driver on tour Dechambeau from the shortest driver on Tour K.

If you want to increase your driving distance, here are a few short tips. Failing to hit the sweet spot with the driver leads to many frustrating errant tee shots that lead to many unwanted penalty strokes. The best way to find out where you are hitting the ball with your driver is to do a little test. This simple drill will give you the correct feedback on where you are really hitting the golf ball with your driver.

Two simple tricks that you can try on the practice range are teeing the ball up a little bit higher and playing the ball a little further forward in your stance. Lift Weights Back in the good ole days of golf, it was considered taboo to lift weights or be dedicated to fitness. Increasing your muscular strength will definitely increase your driving distance. Improve Flexibility While getting stronger will definitely help increase your distance, be careful not to lose flexibility.

In fact, you should be stretching extensively before practicing on the range or playing a round. Keeping all four of those areas flexible is of vital importance. Invest in a Swing Training Program There are many swing training aids on the market, but the Super Speed Swing Training program is the best for increasing swing speed.

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