Homer Simpson Driving

Homer Simpson Driving

Maximum Homerdrive

Homer Simpson and Drunk Driving. 13 Dec. In MA it is not a crime to drink and drive. It is a crime to operate under the influence- that is that alcohol impairs your ability to drive. With Melanie’s law the punishment for OUI has significantly worsened.

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Cheeky motorist in Milton Keynes tries to fob off traffic police with Homer Simpson driving licence

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Maximum Homerdrive

Plot[ edit ] The Simpsons go out to dinner at a new steakhouse, whose existence Lisa is protesting. Homer accepts a challenge from truck driver Red Barclay to see who can finish an entire pound steak first. Red wins the challenge, but immediately dies from beef poisoning , as diagnosed by Dr. Homer decides to finish Red’s last delivery and brings Bart along with him. During the trip, Homer falls asleep at the wheel due to taking a combination of pep pills and sleeping pills that he bought at a general store.

He awakes to discover that the truck has piloted itself safely to a gas station due to an onboard automated driving system. Other truck drivers at the station have the system installed as well and warn Homer not to reveal its existence, as it would put all truckers out of work.

However, Homer tells a busload of people about the device and incurs the wrath of a mob of truckers. Although the system ejects itself from Homer’s truck, he and Bart manage to escape from the mob and deliver the shipment artichokes and migrant workers to Atlanta on time. They then volunteer to drive a trainload of napalm to Springfield so they can get home. The other truckers briefly consider relying on their own skills to drive, but instead decide to come up with a different money-making scheme.

Meanwhile, back in Springfield, Marge decides to have an adventure of her own and takes Lisa on a trip to buy a new doorbell for the house. They choose one that plays a snippet of " They Long to Be Close to You " and install it, but Marge is dismayed when no one comes to ring it. Lisa loses her patience and rings the bell herself, causing it to malfunction and play the tune over and over.

When Marge pulls out one of the wires in an attempt to shut it off, it instead plays faster and louder and disturbs the neighbors. John Swartzwelder wrote the episode. Scott III. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 28, The meat-eating contest seen in the beginning of the episode was conceived by Simpsons writer Donick Cary during a story pitch-out, according to writer and executive producer Matt Selman. When rewriting the episode, the writing staff was divided into two groups, so that one group wrote the A-story, while the other wrote the B-story.

Eventually, staff writer and co-executive producer George Meyer pitched the idea that the truckers would have "a secret device, that actually did all the driving for them", called the Navitron Autodrive System. Anderson , the trucks in the episode were very difficult to animate, as the Simpsons animators were still working with traditional cel animation at the time and did not have access to computer tools.

Originally, the writers wanted to show the cows being killed, however when Scott saw the scene in the storyboards, the Simpsons staff instead decided to make the deaths "indirect". In order to achieve the "wavy" effect, the Simpsons animators put a ripple glass on the cels and moved it around while shooting the scene. In a scene in the episode, Homer buys a jar of "Stimu-Crank" pills in order to stay alert while driving during the night.

He swallows all the pills at once, to the clerk’s dismay. Homer replies, "No problem, I’ll balance it out with a bottle of sleeping pills", and proceeds to swallow an entire jar’s worth of sleeping pills. According to Scully, the censors had "a lot of trouble" with the scene, but it was included anyhow.

The song was a reference to the " Wreck of the Old 97 ", a famous locomotive that crashed in and inspired the country ballad of the same name. He is portrayed by Castellaneta. Barclay’s voice is slightly based on that of American actor Gary Busey. He wrote "Homer’s usual ineptitude at first spells disaster for the duo, at least until they find out about the truck’s auto-drive system.

And though he promises to keep the device a secret, Homer can’t keep his mouth shut, and so shamefully exposes to the world his un-manful behavior concerning the mates. So given that Homer once again learns absolutely nothing from his traveling experience, he can only take to heart the thoughts of the British writer Stephen Fry.

In the steak restaurant, a photo of actor and comedian Tony Randall can be seen next to Barclay’s photo. The risk is unacceptable. Release and reception[ edit ] In its original American broadcast on March 28, , "Maximum Homerdrive" received a 9. Among adults between ages 18 and 49, the episode received a 7.

Tom Bierbaum of Variety credited the boost in ratings to the premiere of Futurama , which aired after "Maximum Homerdrive", writing that "Sunday’s Futurama preview energized Fox’s entire lineup" that night. Anderson participated in the DVD’s audio commentary of the episode.

McCall ‘s hit single " Convoy ", is brought to life here in all its glory. For once, Homer is in the right and you cannot help but cheer as the truckers spectacularly fail to stop him getting to Atlanta. The eating contest leads to a long truck drives leads to that ‘shocking secret’. All of this means the show manages to become pretty unpredictable. Retrieved May 25,

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