Hong Kong Driving License

Hong Kong Driving License

Number Of Licensed Drivers In Hong Kong 2011-2019

Starting from 22 March , the Transport Department (TD) will print a system encrypted QR code on newly issued driving licence. The above measure facilitates the implementation of e-Ticketing Pilot Scheme by the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF). Please refer to the press release issued by the HKPF on 11 March .

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According to the ordinance, "direct issue" mechanism can only allow .

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The current version includes the holder’s name, identity number usually the same as the bearer’s HKID number , driving entitlements and date of issue. Levels of licence[ edit ] In Hong Kong, there are three levels of driving licences: learner’s licence, provisional licence and full licence.

A person can apply for a learner’s licence even before passing the written test with the exception of motorcycle and motor tricycle. A driver with a learner’s licence may drive on any public road, except roads not permitted for learners, motorways and tunnels, under the following conditions: carrying an L-plate at the front and back of the vehicle in specified times with the supervision of a qualified driving instructor except motorcycle or motor tricycle carrying no other passenger other than the driving instructor, test examiners and one other learner A learner’s licence is valid for 1 year and can be renewed.

Probationary licence[ edit ] After 1 October , any person who applies to take a motorcycle or motor tricycle driving test is required to apply for a probationary driving licence upon passing the test. This scheme was extended to private cars and light goods vehicles in The holder of a probationary driving licence needs to undergo a month probationary period. The probationary period will be extended by 6 months if convicted of a minor road traffic offence, and the licence will be cancelled if convicted of a serious road traffic offence.

A probationary licence is valid for 1 year when first applied, and can be renewed by half a year if the probationary period is not yet over for a certain class of vehicle. Full licence[ edit ] After finishing the probationary period, the driver may apply for a full licence, valid for 10 years unless approaching 70 years old in age.

For commercial vehicles, the driver may apply for a full licence after passing the test. Vehicle Classification Code[ edit ].

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