I Passed My Driving Test

I Passed My Driving Test

I’ve Passed My Driving Test! Now What?

The first driving test was taken in Before , driving test candidates had to perform hand signals during the test. In July the driving theory test was introduced. There’s no minimum number of lessons you need to take before attempting your test. In , the driving test was updated. In the new test, you’re expected to.

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I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST GUYS!!!! with 12 errors tho &, because of nerves but you guys this is the BEST feeling ever especially since i failed the first time. thank you to all the strangers on reddit who calmed my nerves everytime i made a post about how anxious i was about driving LOL. also shoutout to my dad for teaching me.

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Car Clinic: Why is the pass date on my driving licence later than it should be?

Now what? Do I need to wait for my full license to arrive? When you pass your practical test, your driving instructor will take your provisional driving license. It could take up to 3 weeks for your shiny new pink license to arrive. You can tax your car online through the DVLA website and pay for it annually or monthly. How to gain confidence driving? Hit the road on your own and drive in new areas. It may also be worth adding some P-plates to your car. A course may also be a good option to help build your driving confidence.

This is a nice way to gain exposure to different types of driving before attempting it solo. How to buy your first car? So…what car should you go for? There are so many things to consider; insurance group, road tax, fuel efficiency and engine size.

We cover all of this in detail in our guide to keeping the cost of buying a car down. You may bag yourself a great bargain though. Not sure whether to buy a car? Or even if you just want to keep on top of your driving skills from time to time. You can borrow a car from as little as 1hr to 60 days. This means you can drive their car whenever you like. Originally published on Nov 24, Share: Copied to clipboard Kate O’Brien I’m the social and content executive at Veygo and have been driving for 5 years.

I love driving and the freedom it gives you! Get the Veygo app.

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