Inattentive Driving

Inattentive Driving

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Inattentive Driving. Inattentive driving often gets conflated with distracted driving, but they aren’t the same thing. Distracted driving is a form of inattentive driving specific to the use of electronic devices while behind the wheel—Sending or receiving texts or emails, viewing social media accounts, making phone calls, and so forth. Inattentive is all encompassing it is doing .

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SmartSense™ for Inattentive Driving+ is the latest technology for SmartDrive to help you ensure a safer fleet. By identifying and eliminating the dangerous risks in your fleet — drowsiness, sleepiness, seatbelt use, smoking, cell phone use, and inattentive driving – Inattentive Driving+ prevents inattention before it becomes a.

Inattentive driving is generally the failure to pay proper attention to the road while driving. It includes, among thers, talking, eating, putting on make up and attending to children. Using cell phones and other wireless or electronic units are also considered distractions.

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Inattentive drivers are arguably the dangerous type of driver, because they may endanger other drivers without knowing it and may not react in time to cars that suddenly change speed or direction. What are examples of inattentive drivers?, Inattentive driving is generally the failure to pay proper attention to the road while driving. It includes, among thers, .

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Inattentive driving includes distracted driving but also includes any behavior that takes your eyes and attention off the task of being an alert driver. Examples of inattentive driving include: changing the radio station, programming a GPS, reading a map, putting on makeup, adjusting the air conditioning or heater, talking to others in the car, or trying to discipline children while driving/5(49).

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For customer support inquiries www. Distracted driving is a rapidly growing epidemic with 3, fatalities in distraction-affected crashes in — a 9. The solution leverages AI and sensor data to instantly and accurately identify inattention based on head position, eyelids being open or shut, direction of eye gaze, phone use, etc. It is only with two cameras that a fleet truly knows if a driver is attentive or not, even if the driver is wearing sunglasses.

Additional benefits include: Over-the-air upgrades that allow for new capabilities to be added without costly equipment changes, continually providing improved ROI. Easy installation that helps fleets experience immediate value. Wide-angle and zoom-in views that provide context, so detection can be tied to the overall safety program, aiding in determining if there are systemic issues that need to be resolved, i. Recently, Omnitracs launched the Road Ahead Podcast , a new series that explores industry innovations with guest hosts.

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