Is Driving Scary

Is Driving Scary

Extreme Drives: The 10 Scariest Highways For White-Knuckle Road Trips

Yes, this can be pretty scary, especially if you are a new driver, but this is a fear that every driver must eventually overcome. It is best to start out by driving on /5().

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Texting While Driving Facts. In case you were wondering, yes. This is where I scare you out of doing anything other than keeping both hands on the wheel at all times! Actually, I’ve never been a real scary guy. So instead, here are some interesting facts by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Driving can be scary for many reasons, but if you are asking this question, you are probably very inexperienced. Inexperience is the biggest reason that accidents occur at such a high rate for new drivers. It is important to either take the prescribed course in your state or drive wit a certified instructor a few times to learn the basics.

In this video, I answer a simple driving question of whether or not driving for the first time is scary. The truth of the matter is that I get asked this que.

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Driving is fucking scary. You are within inches of certain death every time a car passes in the opposite direction. Any wrong move could in serious injury or death. Inb4 people say this is I know plenty of people that love driving and think it’s a breeze and don’t give a care in the world that they are endangering their life whenever they step in their vehicle.

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The 10 Most Scary Driving Statistics Of 2021

With so many people partaking in different forms of distracted driving , drunk driving , and other forms of dangerous driving behavior, I think we all need a wake-up call every now and then. Chances of being involved in an injury accident Get ready, because this is some scary stuff. Two out of three? To add insult to injury pun sort of intended , as a motorist you can expect to be involved in an accident once every 10 years. So once every decade or so, expect to be involved in a traffic crash.

How long has it been for you? Top 10 Driving Statistics Every Driver Should Know While there is an endless amount of driving stats and facts, here are 10 stats that every driver should know. About one-third of all traffic fatalities are caused, in part, due to driving too fast. You can be speeding and driving too fast without ever going near the speed limit. Drivers need to adjust based on different conditions such as snow and ice.

Bad weather conditions are the main reason for reducing speed, but other conditions such as wet leaves on the road, an increase in pedestrians, blind curves, and other factors can require that you slow down well below the posted speed limit. Always determine a safe speed based on ever-changing driving conditions, not based on how fast you are legally allowed to drive.

The fact is, we forget many of the core rules and regulations when it comes to driving. This is one reason adult drivers are often encouraged to take defensive driving courses. Many insurance companies provide discounts for people who go through a traffic school from time to time. Did you know that approximately 2-million people in the United States suffer permanent injuries every year? We often hear about traffic deaths when talking about driving statistics, but seldom do we see the disturbing stats on how many people are injured.

But does this mean we should raise the driving age? Probably not. The first year of driving is going to be dangerous no matter what age we start off with. Aggressive driving incidents can usually be avoided by staying away from those drivers. Quieter vehicles and increased destricted driving has played a role in these increasing numbers.

Driving In Poor Weather Is Extremely Dangerous If you can avoid driving in bad weather, always stay home or prolong your driving until the weather conditions improve. With backup cams and blind spot warnings in newer cars, we can sometimes get complacent about backing up. I mean really, how many miles do you drive going backwards? Always check your mirrors , be aware of your surroundings, and take your time when backing up.

Since driving is such a common thing in our society, we often forget just how dangerous it is. Each day, another 3, lives are lost due to motor vehicle accidents. Traffic accident deaths since have been gradually increasing. While the majority of the U. Work zones are also a particularly dangerous area to drive with one work zone fatality for every 4 billion miles driving.

That might seem like a big number, but when you calculate the sheer number of vehicles on the road, the number is pretty bad. What can be done? Driving statistics from last year show that driving has never been safer. Every year, our roadways improve, our vehicles are better designed, and many people are beginning to drive less as well. But there are still some basic things you should consider doing to keep up with the latest safe driving techniques. Who says learning how to drive stops at the age of 16?

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