Is Flying Safer Than Driving

Is Flying Safer Than Driving

Is Flying Really Safer Than Driving?

All in all, the numbers show that flying is safer than driving, but both can be safe and reliable methods of transportation when all of the traffic and aviation laws are obeyed and routine maintenance and safety checks are carried out on your vehicle or airplane.

Another reason why flying may be safer than driving is that commercial airplanes are fitted with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter, which removes 99% of from the cabin air. Because HEPA filters remove bacterial and viral from the air passengers are breathing during their flight, flying may be a safer.

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In conclusion, if you want to avoid the risk when flying, fly commercial. It is statistically safer than driving. If you are okay with a bit more risk, take a charter. For the risk, take a flight on your friend’s private aircraft.

So Which Is Safer: Flying or Driving? The bottom line is that any form of travel comes with risks of COVID exposure. What transportation to choose depends on how far you’re traveling and how much control you’re willing to give up. The distance factor Driving lessens close interactions with others if it’s somewhere you can reach within one day.

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Flying vs. Driving: Which Is Better for the Environment?

A few U. Its Traffic Safety Facts Data boils down the millions of accidents and other statistics to 1. In contrast, the rate was 1. Preliminary statistics for show only 20 accidents for U. This works out to nearly zero accidents per million flying miles. No one died, and only five people were seriously injured. Odds The National Safety Council compiled an odds-of-dying table for , which further illustrates the relative risks of flying and driving safety.

It calculated the odds of dying in a motor vehicle accident to be 1 in 98 for a lifetime. For air and space transport including air taxis and private flights , the odds were 1 in 7, for a lifetime, according to the table. Conclusion Statistically speaking, flying is far safer than driving.

Car crashes happen every day and spread the loss over time, making their combined effects less noticeable.

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