Jack Grealish Driving

Jack Grealish Driving

Jack Grealish Crashes 3 Cars Worth $262k After ‘all-night’ Party, Breaching Lockdown Rule

Hilariously, Grealish blamed his mismatched slippers for his inability to operate the vehicle. In addition to the hefty fine, Grealish has been banned from driving for nine months and will have to Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

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Jack Grealish banned from driving for nine months after lockdown crash

However, the Jack Grealish car crash incident has angered Aston Villa fans as well as locals near the Birmingham suburb when the midfielder reportedly crashed his car into three other parked cars. Footballers have been urged to stay indoors after the Premier League coronavirus situation caused the suspension of the English top flight. Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

The party reportedly carried on until am and nearby residents revealed the noise from the party was "unbearable". However, after the party, locals were questioning the English midfielder over the Jack Grealish car crash which caused damage to parked cars in the vicinity. Grealish’s Range Rover also crashed into iron railings and the police have launched an investigation over a possible Jack Grealish drink driving case.

Having partied all night, the Villa captain looked unkempt and dishevelled. Images on social media showed Grealish in a hoodie and shorts, wearing one black slipper and one white slip-on as footwear. Upon being asked questions regarding the ‘Jack Grealish drink driving case’, the year-old was eager to leave and fled the scene telling angry motorists that he would pay for the damage.

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