Kenya Driving License

Kenya Driving License

Digital Driving License In Kenya – ECitizen Driving Licence Renewal Kenya

The driver’s licence has a validity of one or three years, depending on the requirements of the licence holder. Additionally, the provisional driver’s licence has the validity of a year, implying that the holder should finish their test by then or begin the process from scratch. However, these licences can be cancelled, before expiration, if the individual breaks any rules or violates .

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The driving licence in Kenya are divided into 7 groups: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. These specify the class of vehicles that a licence holder can drive. A to D are further subdivided into different classes Author: Victor Mochere.

Smart driving licence secures Kenya’s transport

Confirm the application details i. After the payment, submission and successful application, one will be able to print their renewal driving license slip. One can always check by using the following process. Each transaction cost Kshs. Driving License in Kenya — Core Function Main functions of the Authority as outlined in section 4 of the NTSA Act are: — To advise and make recommendations on matters relating to road transport and safety, To implement policies relating to road transport and safety To plan, manage and regulate the road transport sector in accordance with the provisions of the Act, and, To ensure the provision of safe, reliable and efficient road transport service.

Driving License in Kenya — Driving Licenses A driving license is issued as an authority to allow a person to drive a motor vehicle of any class on a road. No person shall be allowed to drive a motor vehicle on road unless he is the holder of a valid driving license or a provisional license endorsed in respect of that class of vehicle. Driving licenses shall upon expiry be renewed on production and upon payment of the prescribed fee. The renewal period will either be valid for a period of twelve 12 months or three 3 years from the date of issue at the option of the holder.

Driving License in Kenya — NOTE: No driving license or provisional license shall be granted to any person Under the age of sixteen years; Under the age of eighteen 18 years, except in respect of motor cycles; or Endorsed in respect of matatus and motor-omnibuses, unless he Is over the age of twenty four 24 years; and Has for not less than four 4 years held a license endorsed in respect of motor-cars or commercial vehicles.

Any person driving a motor vehicle on a road shall carry his driving license or provisional license, and on being so required by a police officer, produce it for examination. Makes a declaration as to whether or not he is suffering from any such disease or physical disability which would be likely to cause the driving by him of a motor vehicle to be a source of danger to the public 3. Is able to read, with glasses if worn, a motor vehicle identification plate at a distance of twenty five 25 metres.

A person who is totally blind or blind in one eye is not allowed to hold a driving license. If it appears to a licensing officer that there is reason to believe that the applicant for any driving license is suffering from disease or physical disability likely to cause the driving by him of a motor vehicle, of the class or classes in respect of which the application for a license is made, to be a source of danger to the public, such application may be disapproved unless the applicant — Produces a certificate from a medical practitioner stating that in the opinion of such medical practitioner the applicant is physically fit to drive the class or classes of motor vehicle in question; and Undergoes and passes a driving test.

NTSA APP Using the app, you can now be able to perform all the enquiries regarding the validity of various compliances status in the transport sector. The NTSA, which is progressively digitising its operations, has acquired card readers to decode user information and traffic offences history.

The information will be recorded in a chip that is embedded in the plastic card. The card comes loaded with points to be deducted every time a motorist commits a traffic offence. Repeat offenders who will have exhausted their points will permanently lose their licences, have them confiscated temporarily, pay spot fines or be made to attend refresher driving classes. The NTSA now says it is ready to go live with the new licences — whose prototypes leaked out this week — and that final preparations for the launch by President Uhuru Kenyatta is underway.

Misdemeanours like overlapping will see drivers lose a single point from their accounts over and above getting fined. Health Articles.

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