Knee Pain When Driving

Knee Pain When Driving

Anterior Knee Pain

Driving in the same position repeatedly can put a lot of wear and pain on your kneecaps. Over time, the may wear down and in a type of arthritis known as osteoarthritis. For long-distance drivers, osteoarthritis may occur over time due to the natural stop and go of traffic politedriving.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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4 Tips to Ease Driving Pain

June 22, Medically Reviewed Sitting still for an extended period of time while traveling can be tough when you have knee pain. Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the discomfort. Try these tips for traveling with knee pain. Periodically getting up and walking around an airplane cabin or train compartment will help ease stiffness and knee pain from being cramped in a seat while you travel.

Stretch out. Move your seat back and stretch out your legs, using the area underneath the seat in front of you. Pick an aisle seat. Sitting on the aisle will make it easier to get up from your seat. Plus, you may be able to straighten at least one leg by stretching it out in the aisle. Even better, try to get the aisle bulkhead seat in an airplane, recommends Stuchin. Take shorter flights. Booking connecting flights rather than a non-stop transcontinental flight may be worth the extra time if you suffer severe knee pain when flying.

Your knees will be scrunched up for a shorter period of time, which may translate to less knee pain. Consider a car trip. If you have a choice, opt for driving to your destination. Move your seat back, lower it, and tip it back to avoid bending your knee at a degree angle.

If possible, let someone else drive so you can sit in the front passenger seat, where it will be easier to scoot your seat all the way back. Use cruise control. If driving, use the cruise control option. Keeping your foot on the accelerator requires bending your knee.

Staying in the cruise mode on interstates may allow you to stretch your leg out. Wear a brace. Stuchin recommends using an elastic kneecap donut brace for long trips. A stable kneecap will result in less pain. Exercise regularly. Building up your quadriceps muscles with leg lifts or strength training via weight machines can also help compensate for a bum knee. Make frequent stops. When driving, take breaks at rest stops every few hours to stretch your legs and give your knees a break from being bent up.

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