Late Night Driving

Late Night Driving

42 Songs You Need To Add To A Late Night Summer Drive Playlist

Late Night Drive Quotes. Let’s make a start with some cool and thoughtful late night drive quotes that will be sure to give you some wanderlust. “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long! If you’re going my way, I wanna ride it all night long!”. – Rascal Flatts.

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But other factors add to the challenge of driving at night. Here are 12 tips that could help reduce the risk. So be aware during these hours that there may be sleepy drivers on the road—and keep yourself alert. Have some caffeine, pull over in a safe area to get some rest, or stop for the night. Some drivers have reported other activities that can help: turning the radio on not too loudly ; rolling down the windows periodically for fresh air; and talking or singing to yourself.

The group also reports that dirty or damaged headlights can decrease your visibility and cast glare onto oncoming drivers. So clean headlights and windshields regularly; you can use a special cleaning kit for headlights. If you can, take a safer route at night. Slow Down Speeding-related crashes account for 37 percent of nighttime-driving fatalities, says NHTSA —compared with 21 percent of those during daylight hours—due to lower visibility and shorter reaction times. For example, your headlight typically shines feet in front of you, but even at 40 mph, you need feet to stop.

But if they tilt too high, they can blind oncoming drivers. Use High Beams When Appropriate High beams are underutilized, says Rader, but can be very helpful in rural areas or on open roads. Look In The Right Direction While you should always keep your eyes on the road, avoid a fixed gaze and never stare at oncoming headlights, says Epstein.

When approaching an oncoming vehicle, avoid being blinded by its headlights by shifting your eyes down and to the right, using the right edge of the road or lane markings as a guide to stay on track. When you see them, the safest way to avoid an accident is by slowing down and stopping—not by swerving.

You may also need a different prescription at night. Test And Use Your Lights Regularly test all your lights, including low beams, high beams, daytime running lights, turn signals and brake lights. Never be in the dark when it comes to your auto insurance.

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