Maharashtra Driving License

Maharashtra Driving License

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Driving License Fees In India. Now you can see there is a section on the you need to enter your application number and your date of birth in the respective boxes. Note: sometimes the boxes will already be filled by default. So simply enter it .

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Step 1: In order to get the driving licence renewed, you need to visit the RTO website and select the tab for renewal. Step 2: Apply for the renewal and pay the fees of Rs/- for the smart card driving licence that is issued in Maharashtra. Step 3: Submit the necessary politedriving.comted Reading Time: 11 mins.

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Driving Licence in MAHARASHTRA. Apply Driving Licence in MAHARASHTRA- You can Apply for New Driving Licence, Learning Driving Licence or Heavy Driving Licence in MAHARASHTRA Online. The Application Form can be applied through the Transport Department (District RTO Office) in MAHARASHTRA. You can obtain your Application Form for Renew a .

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Driving Licence number can be entered in any of the following formats: DL or DL14 Total number of input characters should be exactly 16 (including space or ‘-‘). If you hold an old driving license with a different format, please convert the format as per below rule before entering. SS-RRYYYYNNNNNNN OR SSRR YYYYNNNNNNN.

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Driving License in Maharashtra

Utility bills such as electricity bill, telephone bill, etc Pay slip issued by the state or central government Other documents: Application form no. In Maharashtra, an applicant can apply for a driving license by following the below-mentioned offline and online process. Online application Process for Driving License in Maharashtra: The Maharashtra state government has made driving application process an easy procedure as you can now easily get the form online and can also submit documents online.

You will have to follow the below steps to get a driving license online in Maharashtra: Visit sarathi. You will get form number 4 i. Fill in all the details in the form and submit the form online with the supporting documents. You will then receive an application number and a notification notifying you that your application has been processed. You can then go ahead and book an appointment for your driving license test.

To book an appointment for your driving license test, you will have to follow the below procedure: Visit sarathi. Fill in your details on the page and select the suitable date and time for your test. Once you have scheduled the appointment, visit the RTO for your driving with your original documents.

If you pass the test, you will receive your driving license by post at your registered address. Offline application process for Maharashtra driving license Individuals in Maharashtra can apply for a driving license offline by visiting the nearest RTO office in their area. You will have to procure the form from the RTO office and submit it there with all the relevant documents. On submission of the form and documents, your application will be verified and you will get a confirmation about your eligibility for DL.

If you are eligible, then you will have to visit the RTO office for your driving test. For the driving test, you will have to carry all your original documents. If you pass the test, you will have to receive your driving license by post. In Maharashtra, you can apply for a duplicate driving license under the below-mentioned conditions: In case of theft, loss or damage caused to DL In case of mutilation or if the DL is torn In case of smart card DL, if the chip is damaged A duplicate driving license is not issued to individuals who have been barred from applying it or to those who already possess one.

On submission of all the documents and fees, the RTO will then verify all the documents and the driving license will be issued to the applicant. How to Renew Driving License in Maharashtra? Ideally, a driving license is valid for a period of 20 years or until the age of 50, whichever is earlier.

In Maharashtra, an individual can renew a driving license within 30 days from the date of expiry. Individuals who want to renew their driving license in Maharashtra can follow the below renewal process: The individual will have to visit the RTO office in person and collect the renewal form.

The form will then have to be filled and submitted to the RTO office along with the relevant documents. On submission of the form and documents, the applicant will have to pay a fee of Rs. The applicant will then receive the renewed driving license by post at their registered address. Driving license that has lapsed over 5 years cannot be renewed and the applicant will have to apply for a fresh driving license and also appear for the driving test. Individuals who have been barred from applying for a driving license are not eligible to apply.

Documents required for renewal of driving license in Maharashtra Form 9 i. Individuals above 50 years have to submit this form. To change your address details in a driving license, you will have to do the following: You will have to submit documents such as application form, current driving license copy, no objection certificate from the original licensing authority, application fee and new address proof.

You will have to visit the nearest RTO office, get the application form 2 and fill and submit it along with the relevant documents at the RTO office. Do I have to give a test for getting an International driving license? But you will have to appear for the test if you are applying for an IDP within 3 months from the date of procuring a permanent driving license. Do I have to take my own car for giving driving license test in Maharashtra?

Yes, you will have to take your own vehicle for giving DL test in Maharashtra. How to make corrections in a driving license in Maharashtra? You will have to submit the below-mentioned forms and documents: Application form In case of any change, you will have to submit supporting documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, gazette notification, etc.

Copy of the driving license On submission of the application form, a receipt of acknowledgement will be provided and a fresh driving license will be issued within a period of 7 days. The new driving license will be sent by post to the applicant’s registered address.

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