Malaysian Driving License

Malaysian Driving License

How To Get A Malaysian Driving Licence

Vocational Driving License (VDL) or Commercial Driving License This is a special driving license for commercial vehicle’s driver such as bus and lorry, issued together from the Road Transport Department and Lembaga Perlesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (LPKP). For more information, please visit the official portal of Road Transport Department (JPJ) – Vocational or .

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There are five main types of driving license in Malaysia, namely: i) Learner’s Driving Licence (LDL) The LDL holders are only permitted to drive vehicle displaying the ‘L’ plate owned by driving schools under the supervision of a driving school instructor. For motorcycle LDL, they are permitted to ride a motorcycle without a pillion.

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When to Get a Driver’s License In Malaysia, the minimum to obtain a full class A, B2, B or C motorcycle license is Meanwhile, the qualifications for class D or DA car licenses are 17 and above. You must also be 21 years old and above and have a valid CDL license if you want to apply for a Class E to I driving license.

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The different types of driving licences in Malaysia There are five different types of driving licences in Malaysia including: 1. LDL can be issued and renewed for a period of 3 to 6 months, up to a maximum period of 2 years from the date the license is issued.

Once it has expired, LDL holders will need to restart the entire driving lesson process in order to obtain a renewed LDL. As a new driver, you will be subject to the point KEJARA demerit point system where points will be deducted according to the various types of traffic offences. As a CDL driver, you will be subject to the point KEJARA demerit point system that deducts points for traffic offences , leading to your licence being suspended or revoked.

CDL licenses are valid for a 1 year period and expires on your birthday of that year; you can renew it to a maximum of 5 years for each renewal. The renewal fee is RM30 per year excluding government taxes and, depending where you renew your driving license, you may be subjected to additional service charges. Inform the teller how many years you wish to renew your CDL license for and make your payment. Your new CDL license will be produced on-the-spot.

PDL holders are not eligible. The classes are segregated into motorcycles, cars, trucks, and tractors. To get this process started, you will need to register with a recognised driving institution or school near you. Registration fees vary from school to school. This will also be accompanied by the requirement to attend a five-hour course, where an instructor will go through the basics of driving in Malaysia.

You will then be required to study the handbook and register yourself to take the computer test, also known as the Highway Code Exam. The next step is another 6 hours of theory and practical classes including topics of changing car tires and basic engine care.

Only after completing this will you be able to get your LDL and start driving lessons. Once you have obtained your LDL, a driving instructor will be required to coach you on the road. If you are applying for the D licence manual , you will learn how to drive a manual car and how to change gears with a clutch. Alternatively, you can also opt for the DA class licence automatic , where you will learn how to drive an automatic transmission vehicle.

Your driving test will include a slope test, 3-point turn, reverse parking, parallel parking, and driving on the open road. Some schools offer a free re-sit of your practical test until you pass, so be sure to review this in your payment structure. Step 5: Drive on your Probationary licence for 2 years Congratulations! Once you have passed the practical exam, you are on your way to a full-fledged driving licence.

All you need to do is ensure that you do not have your licence revoked by demerit points for a total of 2 years. You will also need to display the P plate on the top left windscreen and rear-windscreen of your car. Converting Foreign Driving Licenses to Malaysian Driving License There are quite a few requirements to convert a foreign driving licence to a local one. While we have listed down the requirements, it may be a better idea to just go through the Malaysian process above. There will be a processing fee of RM20 and you will be required to pay the regular yearly fee as stated above in the CDL and PDL descriptions , depending on the license class and number of years.

People on work permits and dependent passes are viewed as temporary residents and cannot convert their driving license. If your current valid drivers license is not printed in English, you will need to present a verified translation of your driving license from the embassy of the issuing country or from the issuing authority in charge of the relevant license information. Conversion is only for class B2 motorcycle and class D car. License holders must present themselves at the JPJ offices to convert their licenses.

One important note is that only driving licenses from 32 countries are allowed to be converted to a Malaysian driving license. This is based on the Two-Way Agreement between these selected countries and Malaysia. The countries allowed are: Australia.

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