Mini Driving Light

Mini Driving Light

LTO Releases Simplified Guidelines On Auxiliary LED Lights

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This should clear things up MotoPinas. After all, many riders have found motorcycles’ stock lights leaving much to be desired, particularly when it comes to visibility in poorly lit streets at night or in inclement weather. Yet this development has put riders at odds with law enforcement agencies, particularly the Land Transportation Office.

Many law enforcement entities typically cite Presidential Decree 96 , signed in by then-president Ferdinand Marcos, as their guide for enforcement. Today, the LTO through its official social media page , has released 10 easy-to-understand guidelines on the installation and operation of auxiliary LEDs on motorcycles.

The guidelines cover the installation, angle, and direction for mounting of auxiliary lights. They are as follows. Auxiliary LED lights should have separate wiring and a separate switch from the main headlight. Auxiliary LED lights should be pointed downwards and not towards the left side of the road. Auxiliary LED lights should only be white or yellowish in color.

Auxiliary LED lights should not be used in well-lighted areas or if there is an oncoming vehicle. Only two 2 auxiliary LED lights are permitted. The auxiliary LED light’s beam should be pointed 20 centimeters downward and up to 10 meters ahead only. Auxiliary LED lights should not be placed on any position above the motorcycle’s handlebars.

Auxiliary LED lights cannot be used as a replacement for the motorcycle’s stock headlights. We hope that this clears things up. In the event that you are apprehended for being in violation of the LED guidelines but feel that you are in compliance with the restrictions above, please do not argue with the apprehending officer. Take the ticket, and notify the apprehending officer that it is for adjudication.

If your LED lights are confiscated, take a picture and make sure that the apprehending officer issues a corresponding ticket that says they have confiscated your LED lights with all the pertinent details about your property. If it is from the PNP or other LTO-deputized units, please go to their traffic adjudication division for proper contestation of the apprehension.

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