Missouri Driving Record

Missouri Driving Record

How To Request Missouri Driving Records

Your Missouri driving record contains information about your MO driving history and can be used: To adjust your car insurance policy rates and investigate claims. For pre-employment screenings and background checks.

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The Free Driving Records Directory. Missouri Driving Records If you are trying to ind a driving record or a DMV rcord from the state of Missouri, you can find both at the Missouri website to the Department of Revenue.

The complete driving record is an extensive document prepared by the Missouri DOR, which contains comprehensive details about your previous traffic convictions and all of the penalties that you have not been cleared of.

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To have your driver record request certified, please submit the proper form to [email protected] If you are a business, submit Form , Request for Information. If you are an individual requesting your own record, submit Form , Request From Driver License Record Holder.

How To Get Your Missouri Driving Record Fast & Easy

New to Missouri Motor Vehicle Records Please the Department of Revenue at () , Option 3, for further information regarding obtaining motor vehicle records.

Missouri Driving Records

Your Missouri driving record contains a wealth of information regarding your personal data and activity behind the wheel of a car. There are two types of driving records available from the state of Missouri. On one record, you can view activity specifically related to motor vehicles. This report contains information on traffic violations, traffic accidents, and other driving history data. You can also obtain a copy of your driving record from the state that includes your personal information as well, including name, address, date of birth, physical description, Social Security number, photograph, and even information about medical and disability restrictions.

When traffic laws are violated, points are added to your driving record. Your Missouri driving record can be accessed by government agencies, insurance companies , and potential employers. Officials working for the DMV can access your driving record when dealing with license renewal issues or outstanding fines. Insurance companies use driving records to assess the risk involved with providing coverage to you and your motor vehicle. Potential employers use your driving record as part of pre-employment background checks.

This is particularly important for those applying for positions as a commercial driver. Records can also be accessed by officers of the court. This is likely to occur when, and if, you are involved in litigation stemming from a traffic violation or accident. There are numerous ways to access your Missouri driving record from the DMV. You can request a copy of your driving record by visiting the DMV in person , submitting a request through the mail , or via fax machine or email.

You will still need to fill out the request form and get it notarized. If you are faxing your form in, the number to use is: If you are emailing your request form, it must go to dlrecords dor. Checking your Missouri driving record on occasion is just as important as checking your financial credit reports. Inaccuracies on your driving record can lead to higher insurance premiums, larger fines, and even jail time.

And if you reached a certain number of points on your Missouri driving record, it can lead to license suspension or your driving privileges may be revoked. After serving your punishment suspension or revocation , your license will be reinstated. This will also reduce your points to 4. If you maintain this for another year, your points will be reduced by half. And, if you remain point-free for three consecutive years, you can get it reduced to zero.

To do this, you can request permission from the Department of Revenue or your court handler to attend an approved Driver Improvement course. Both offer engaging courses that include videos and animations to keep you focused throughout the course.

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