Mizuno Driving Iron

Mizuno Driving Iron

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Quick Iron Selector Nothing replaces hitting balls, but our quick guide will give you a start. The best way to find your best suited model is to hit them at your local Mizuno Fitting politedriving.comg: Driving Iron.

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Roundabout Driving

Mizuno Golf said the following about this new driving iron, “A long iron replacement with a priority on ball speed – the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is designed to be played with a graphite shaft. Relieved of the constraints needed to flow through a complete set, the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi has a longer head length, a little extra offset and a wider sole than the Mizuno Pro .


Originally a butter knife blade, the low lofted 2 or 3-iron has come a long way since the days of Jack and Arnie playing low runners at the Open Championship. As technology has advanced, so too have the variety of options available to golfers. The reality is that utility irons are no longer exclusively for high swing speed, low handicap golfers. Our testing pool consisted of 20 players who combined to hit nearly 3, total shots.

Our ranking methodology is based on statistical reliability and Strokes Gained off the tee. Utility Irons vs. For many, the answer to those questions is yes, and yes. Many manufacturers today like Srixon and Tour Edge offer utility iron replacements for long irons, and several offer lofts that overlap with traditional 6 and even 7-irons.

Utilities that creep into middle iron territory typically offer wider soles and lower, deeper centers of gravity to help launch the ball high in the air while providing that extra bit of forgiveness we can all use on the course. You may need to tweak your lofts along the way to ensure consistent gapping.

Hybrids For many golfers, the Utility iron serves as the ideal alternative to a hybrid. As always, mind your gaps. Lower lofted utilities can provide an alternative to higher-lofted 5-wood and above fairway woods. That said, a utility 2-iron offers an alternative to your 5-wood. Loft Choosing the right loft for your utility iron s is essential to improving your performance. The plethora of lofts and models available across the major manufacturers can make it easier to dial-in your distances and find the right club for your game.

A professional fitter can help you find a shaft that has the right specs weight, stiffness, bend profile for your swing profile. Failing that, we recommend you take the time to understand the performance characteristics of the available shafts. Graphite is usually lighter, which means it is often not always swung faster. If you struggle with generating clubhead speed, graphite might be a good option. In the world of stock shafts, when the choice is between graphite and steel, the graphite option is often higher launching and spinning and will typically have a softer bend profile overall.

Also, note that head weight often varies depending on whether the stock shaft is graphite light or steel heavy shaft. In those cases, moving between graphite and steel may not be as simple as swapping the shaft. Swing weight screws if part of the design may need to be swapped, and depending on the design of the club, you may not be able to achieve your desired swing weight without significant effort — or at all.

Take the time to work with a fitter to be sure you get it right the first time. Adjustability Four of the fourteen utility irons tested offer an adjustable hosel. The small details are often where the differences are found. We also look for noteworthy changes manufacturers have made to improve year-over-year performance. We also solicit feedback from our testers. We want to reemphasize that, while we do collect and share noteworthy portions of this subjective feedback, it does not factor in our rankings.

Trends and Tweaks Graphite shafts seem to be a staple in utility irons. Our Utility Iron Test featured 11 out of the 14 models in graphite shafts. The steel shafted models often share design characteristics like thinner soles and smaller head profiles. Adjustability is slowing creeping its way into the Utility iron space. Four of the fourteen models tested this year have an adjustable hosel.

Playing a firm and fast course? Dial down loft to increase distance and decrease launch. Soft and slow? Crank up the loft to maximize carry. What’s the deal with hollow-body design? One of the few design characteristics common to every utility iron tested, it’s that they’re either hollow-body or hollow with some sort of filling.

The multi-piece construction of Hollow-body irons gives equipment designers greater opportunities to increase ball speed and strategically move weight around Tungsten anyone? While not among the highest-rated for looks or alignment, the Cobra KING Utility was the best rated for feel among the test group.

The best-rated utility iron for looks was the Titleist U Of the two, the U offers a larger footprint, including a longer blade length and a wider sole. They commented that the iron appeared smaller but packed a punch, even on off-center hits. Our testers with slower swing speeds who struggle to launch utility irons high favored clubs with wider soles and larger deeper head designs.

Unfortunately, in every test, some clubs receive poor feedback from the test pool. For all three models, testers reported poor feel on off-center hits and blade lengths that were too long. The response suggests there is a fine line between too big and too small when it comes to utility iron preference. What is billed as a design for better players, the GAPR Lo produced some of the highest ball speeds and longest distances , while retaining a reasonable amount of forgiveness. Billed as a ball speeds increaser, SpeedFoam works by dampening vibrations to enhance sound and feel.

Although testers didn’t rave about the subjective stuff looks, sound, feel , the performance of the TaylorMade GAPR Lo is sufficient reason for golfers looking for a small to mid-sized utility iron to include it in the consideration set during their next fitting.

Please keep in mind that the averages are from 20 testers across a wide range of swing speeds and ability levels. We’ve stated before, every club in your bag should have a purpose, but that doesn’t mean every club needs to be a one-trick pony. A versatile utility iron can serve you well in any number of the conditions you’ll invariably face on the golf course.

If you need to hit it low, can you hit a utility low, or hook it around a tree? Conversely, if you need to float one to hit a green, can you do that too? Make sure to assess your game to determine which utility will work best for you. How We Test Our Mission is to help you find the best utility for your game. About Our Testers Our pool of testers consists of 20 golfers with handicaps ranging from plus to the high single digits.

As a group, they span a broad range of swing characteristics head speed, attack angle, etc. Over the course of several sessions, each golfer is required to hit "good" shots with each club. Club order is randomized on a per tester basis. Both club and head data are captured using Foresight GCQuad launch monitors.

Crunching the Numbers Before determining our rankings, we identify and remove outliers using a proprietary detection methodology.

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