Motorcycle Driving Lights

Motorcycle Driving Lights

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Free-Form reflector technology to provide homogeneous close-range illumination Durable plastic housing to withstand harsh off-road conditions. $ Delta Lights® H Series SAE " 2x55W Rectangular Driving Beam Xenon/HID Lights Kit (X) 0. # mpnBrand: Lumen.

3) 7 Inch LED Motorcycle Headlight + 2 x inch side lights. This offering by Sunpie caught our eye and made our list because you’re getting 3 lights in a single kit. There is one main 7 inch headlight assembly, as well as 2 inch fog lights that you can mount on the side.

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We also stock motorcycle spotlights that are ideal for off-road applications. You’ll find the perfect style that fits the look and attitude of your bike. Discover the best motorcycle driving lights from top manufacturers like Show Chrome, Kuryakyn, Pathfinder, Letric Lighting, HogWorkz, and more. Then complete your lighting setup with Motorcycle Accent Lighting and Motorcycle .

List of Top-Rated Motorcycle Driving Lights; Reviews of the Motorcycle Driving Lights. GOODKSSOP ; RUN-D YD-DL; AAIWA D; Round LED FGL; AAIWA Motorcycle LED Auxiliary Light; ATOPLITE ; ZW Homeland Driving Lights (BADASS SHARKS) Ourbest 40W-SL; PAKRYS LMLU5BKA2; ROUP YPH; Conclusion; Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

Motorcycle Driving Lights

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions. People add lights to their motorcycle for a variety of reasons ranging from aesthetics to enhanced safety. The answer to this question will go a long ways in determining what features you are going to want in a set of lights. Auxiliary driving lights typically come in two varieties: lights that project a somewhat short but wide light pattern a 30 to 35 degree spread is common and lights that project a longer and narrower light pattern 20 degrees.

The 35 degree pattern is intended to enhance and slightly extend the existing illumination provided by your low beam headlight, while the 20 degree pattern is intended to supplement your existing long-range high beam pattern. A wide light pattern will provide added visibility to enable you to see objects positioned on or along the sides of the road like deer, stopped vehicles, or someone out for a late night jog.

The number of lights that you want to add to your bike will be somewhat dependent upon the capacity of the electrical system on your bike. If it has the extra capacity to support an additional to watts of power, using conventional lights is an easy solution. A typical set of driving lights, each drawing 55 watts of power, will need an additional watts of power to operate properly. Just about anything can be done, it just depends upon how thick your wallet is! This is a technical issue that you should discuss with your local dealer.

If we multiply 0. I figured that I had at least an extra watts of power available to run the set of driving lights 2 lights x 55 watts per light that I installed on my bike, with room to spare. Check motorcycle User Groups or Forums for comments from other bikers about the lighting systems they have installed on their bikes.

Driving lights and fog lights are designed to address different needs and as such, are typically mounted in different ways. Adding driving lights to any bike presents its own unique challenges. Look at other sport bikes that have auxiliary lights to get some ideas. There are host of products available on-line by such manufacturers as Kuryakyn, Lumalink, and PIAA that can be used to attach virtually any accessory to your motorcycle, ranging from lights to horns to deer whistles.

Finding one that matches the particular type of bracket that comes with the auxiliary driving light set you want to purchase may not be so easy. Many driving light sets either come with: a a single-bolt design bracket which can be used with a wide variety of commercially-available mounting brackets, or b with some type of u-shaped bracket with a wide flat bottom piece containing several oblong holes that can be used for positioning mounting screws or bolts. This type of bracket presents a far greater challenge in terms of matching it with an easy-to-install, readily available mounting bracket.

Some ingenuity and creativity may be called for to successfully mount these light sets. I own a Honda Magna, a well-respected cc sport-cruiser. These components were then sandwiched together and bolted between the top of my front forks to hold two small driving lights.

In the end, it all worked, but I would have preferred a simpler solution. The answer to this question is going to determine the type of mounting bracket you use and where on the front of the bike you are going to mount the lights. This puts your headlight at the top of the triangle and your driving lights positioned below and on either side at the base of the triangle.

The added load generated by a set of auxiliary lights may be enough to melt the existing wiring harness carrying power to those units. How you control your lights is going to be up to you. The low beam lights on your motorcycle are an example of this concept. This can be accomplished with the use of a relay spliced into your low beam circuit wiring. Still others want their lights to be active only when their high beam lights are on. Once again, a relay spliced into the high beam circuit can be used to trigger the auxiliary driving light set when the high beam light is active.

These various options are typically going to fit one type of light 35 degree wide-spread vs. These are high-quality, plug-and-play wiring harnesses all ready to go with a built-in relay, fuse and terminals. Simply be aware that this is one of the questions you will need to address when you install your new lights. At least one manufacturer is now offering an auxiliary driving light set with remote control activation of the lights via a small key fob.

Hopefully other manufacturers will follow suit and start offering this feature with the light sets that they offer. It eliminates the need for an additional switch on the handlebars and simplifies the wiring of the lights greatly.

Check it out. One Caveat DO NOT rely uponthe diagram shown on the box depicting the light pattern projected by any driving light set. They are absolutely useless! No manufacturer that I know of displays an actual photograph of the light pattern produced by their light as it appears in real life.

If they were to do so, many driving light sets would never sell because of poor light patterns. Just open each box and carefully remove one of the two lights contained in the set. Hook the black wire from the light to a lead from the positive terminal on a volt car battery and the white wire to the negative terminal on the battery. Doing this helped me to see what type of coverage, intensity, and shape the resulting light produces.

I did this with 9 different sets of lights before settling on the set that I liked the best. In some cases I just shook my head wondering how any company could sell a light that was so poor. Conclusion Adding a set of high performance auxiliary driving lights is generally a rather simple and affordable upgrade that can significantly enhance not only the safety of your bike, but also its looks.

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