Netherlands Driving License

Netherlands Driving License

Netherlands Drivers License

Foreign driving licence. You can use your foreign driving licence in the Netherlands. Once you are a Dutch resident, however, you must obtain a Dutch driving licence within a certain period of time (transition period). This depends on the country where you originally obtained your driving licence. UK licences after BrexitEstimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Driving in the Netherlands. Obtaining a Dutch Drivers License Driver’s licenses issued in an EU state, Lichtenstein, Norway or Iceland, are valid in the Netherlands. Driver’s licenses issued in all other countries can only be used for days after making residence in the Netherlands, after which you will need to apply for a Dutch.

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Driving licence in the Netherlands

The exchange must be done within the first days of residency. For U. Both can be taken in English. Driving License Exams Theoretical — The theoretical portion of the Dutch driving license exam is administered digitally on monitors set up in an exam room at the testing location.

The exam consists of 65 questions broken down into three sections: hazard perception, knowledge and insight. Options to help prepare for the Netherlands driving license theory exam: Examencentrum offers practice exams online which precisely replicate the various portions of the actual test. They offer one practice exam for free; additional tests can be purchased singly or in multi-packages.

Practical — The practical portion of the Dutch driving license exam can only be scheduled by a CBR-registered driving school. Experienced drivers too need to register with a school and take lessons before a practical exam will be scheduled. The test is taken in the vehicle the student has trained in. The practical test consists of the student performing various driving maneuvers under the observation of a CBR test administrator.

The student can request that their instructor be present in the vehicle for the duration of the test. Should the student fail, the instructor will understand where additional training is necessary. Many driving schools in Holland offer lessons in English for non-Dutch speaking foreign residents. NOTE: A student is allowed to take driving lessons before passing the theoretical exam. However, a practical exam can only be scheduled once the theory exam has been passed. A student has up to 18 months to pass the practical exam from the date the theory test was successfully passed.

If successful completion of the practical exam does not occur within this time frame, the theory exam result is voided and the applicant must retake the theory exam. Receiving Your Dutch Driving License Once the student driver has successfully passed the theoretical and practical driving exams and have been deemed healthy to drive by the CBR, an appointment can be made at the local municipal office gemeente to request their Dutch driving license.

They must bring to the appointment: Passport photo which meets the technical specifications Valid ID Form of payment for the processing fee The driving license can be collected at the same municipal office approximately 5 days later. If the driving license is not collected within 3 months, the municipality is required to destroy the license. If this happens, the applicant needs to submit a new license request and pay the processing fees again.

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