New Driving Laws

New Driving Laws

Eleven Driving Changes And Laws Coming Into Force Next Year – Starting On January 1

Another new law for the new year has to do with using your cellphone while driving. "Distracted driving is really at an epidemic rate," Officer Poelking said. So Email: [email protected]

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Georgia Passes New Distracted Driving Law

The "moving traffic" offences local authorities will be able to punish drivers for include stopping in yellow box junctions and performing bad turns. The police are typically responsible for issuing "moving traffic" offence fines, apart from in London and Cardiff. The Government held a consultation on the matter in November , with a proposed blanket ban to prevent motorists blocking pavements for parents with pushchairs, those with limited mobility and anyone reliant on a seeing-eye dog. The DfT’s consultation proposed three options to reform the rules on pavement parking: Improving the Traffic Regulation Order TRO process, under which local authorities can already prohibit pavement parking.

A legislative change to allow local authorities with civil parking enforcement powers to enforce against ‘unnecessary obstruction of the pavement’. A legislative change to introduce a London-style pavement parking prohibition throughout England. Red diesel is diesel used mainly off-road, such as for bulldozers and cranes, or to power drills for oil extraction. New builds in England to have compulsory built-in EV chargers All new properties built in England from , including housing and commercial buildings, will have to have an EV charging point installed.

Speed limiters in new cars New cars will be fitted with speed limiters from July 6, to improve road safety. A new regulation will be imposed by the European Commission in the General Safety Regulation having been approved by the European Parliament in ISAs will be mandatory for all new models given ‘type approval’ from 6 July. This means any new car brought to market from that date, rather than new cars already in production.

It’s worth using the ULEZ checker online to see if the charges apply to your vehicle. The First Zero Emission Zone will also be piloted in Oxford — charging all but electric vehicles who enter eight city centre streets.

Newcastle city centre, Sheffield and Bristol will implement a similar policy in July , also affecting Gateshead and North Tyneside – but it will not charge car drivers.

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