Night Driving With Astigmatism

Night Driving With Astigmatism

How These Two Photos Could Reveal If You Need To Wear Glasses To Drive

Astigmatism can make your vision blurry and particularly affect your night vision. You may notice that lights look fuzzy, streaky, or surrounded by .

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Does Astigmatism Have an Impact on Driving Performance?

But those with vision problems can have a totally different experience driving in the dark. Posting two images on Twitter, the account claimed that they show what driving with astigmatism looks like compared with "normal" vision. In one picture, a car is seen at traffic lights but there are streaks of light splayed across the image making it difficult to see. The second photograph shows a similar scene of cars waiting in traffic, but the lights had just a slight blur around them.

This means that light from an object does not focus exactly on the retina, but at two separate points. The images, posted online last week, have left social media users stunned with many unaware that the streakier image "wasn’t normal". Another wrote: "Had no clue this was a thing! Honestly just thought that’s how light worked!!! I thought everyone saw those lines". Wait people can see lights normally? I thought everyone saw those lines Twitter user Practising optometrist Ceri Smith-Jaynes told Sun Online that the image "is not a bad representation" of what astigmatism might look like.

She said: "You do get a bit of streaking with astigmatism.

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