Polar Shot Driving Range

Polar Shot Driving Range

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Polar Shot Driving Range, Johnson City, NY. likes · 2 talking about this · were here. Driving RangeFollowers:

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Fitness trackers and watches. When you’re training to reach a specific fitness goal, fitness trackers and sports watches can be a huge help. A workout tracker will make all your hard work visible – you’ll always know how demanding your workout was and how many calories you burned. Polar fitness trackers guide you through your workouts and Missing: Driving Range.

The team at polar shot driving range are great. John is such a great help! 05/29/ Christian Clover. Nice area plenty of space. 3 different sizes of balls so you can decide to hit after work or a huge bucket to fix things. 05/15/ Trent White. 05/12/ Donald Tarr/5(60).

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Polar Shot Driving Range, Johnson City, NY. 24 likes. OPEN TODAY SATURDAY MARCH 20! Hours of Operation (weather permitting): Spring/Fall – 10am to dusk Summer – 9am to dusk Earlier or Later hours as Followers:

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Polar Shot Driving Range Watson Blvd, Johnson City, NY – politedriving.com politedriving.comon: Watson Blvd, Johnson City, , NY.

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Fitness trackers and watches

But BGT delivers when it comes to a customized golf experience. It works because BGT mails you a box in which you send your putter. Then, BGT will attach a custom shaft and send it back to you. For example, you can choose the birthday book, which compiles all of the front pages of the New York Times for that date going back to when they were born.

On the other hand, the golf book compiles excellent moments in golf history as published throughout the history of the New York Times sports section. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers Whiskey stones are a common gift for the spirit-loving person in your life, but these whiskey chillers add a golf-inspired touch.

This golf mat is a great gift for any golfer looking to improve their short game. The hole is slightly raised, adding an extra challenge to your practice. Plus, you can roll it up when not in use. Then, a quick click orders the device to read the distance to the pin. Finally, its onboard battery will recharge cellular devices. The whole set magnetically clamps onto any golf cart to ride along for a well-equipped round.

Sometimes all a player needs is something to keep a cool head. This simple gadget attaches to any walking golf push cart and propels a steady stream of fresh air while the golfer walks between shots. It just cools it off nicely. Keep a supple wrist and a baby bird grip, and this Cleveland club will do the job from the bunker or the rough.

Handmade in Kentucky, these clubs are made of genuine North American persimmon trees. Like, does anybody go golfing without bringing a couple of brews to sip? Because if so, props to them. It keeps drinks freezing cold for hours on end and stays shut with magnetic clasps so nothing will ever spill.

Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag As golfers who lost clubs to airline baggage handlers, we know the value of anything that protects sticks in transit. The Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag caps down on the business end of a golf bag and protects the club heads inside from impacts that can bend hosels and break club shafts.

Vessel offers both with the Cool Daddy Cooler Stool. It can also accompany clubs to the driving range. The interior is insulated to keep beverages icy, and the external pockets are set apart to keep other items dry. The Genuine EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror allows a golfer to work on both takeaway and follow through with a unique reflective perspective. A player will save strokes, putting it to regular use. These shoes are fully ready for the green, with studded treads and supportive insoles that can keep up with the best golf footwear.

The elevated three holes make it feel like the real deal, and at 9 feet long, it offers a good range. The high-quality putting surface adds extra stability. Easy to roll and store, this mat is the perfect gift for low-handicappers and newbies alike. Golf Club Groove Sharpener Because golf clubs are an investment, keep them in tip-top shape with these affordable, easy-to-use club sharpeners.

In fact, your pal can even keep it in their pocket. Be warned. Cleaning the grooves on your irons is legal. Sharpening them is not. The snap-on buttons make attaching these towels to their golf bag a breeze. Each purchase comes with three towels black, gray and white. Your giftee can also snap two towels together and make a caddy towel. This set truly is as versatile as it is functional. Your friends probably already own a cooler bag, but can it fit perfectly in the side pocket of their golf bag?

With a capacity for your favorite six-pack and a reusable freezer insert, this golf bag cooler can keep drinks cold for up to four hours, which is enough time to work up a thirst. Callaway Golf Trunk Locker This awesome trunk organizer from Callaway is essentially the clown car of golf products, and we mean that in a good way. Everyone will be seriously impressed with how much better their long game has become in such a short time as this watch utilizes GPS to read the distance to the flag.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian The traditional golf club travel bag pulls from the top with two wheels on the rear of the pack. They are made of high-quality materials; the designers added extra stretch for that big hip turn or the long bend down to pick your golf ball out of the cup.

Acu-Strike Golf Mat Once a player learns the basics of a golf swing — stance, grip, takeaway, release, followthrough, etc. A well-struck golf shot needs the club head to strike the ball first before hitting the ground and taking any divot. Whether they hit behind the mark or ball-forward, the mat will reveal all. A simple swipe erases the mark. Buy: Acu-Strike Golf Mat Available with varying core designs and coverings, Vice Golf wants to appeal to every player, from high to low handicappers, whether for distance, spin or soft landings.

Now, your favorite golfer can roam around the green in style sporting this blue-as-it-gets Arnold Palmer cap ready to block the sun at all times. You ride it — all while looking cooler than any other golfer on the course. BirdieBalls Put simply; a curved, hollow BirdieBall behaves like a traditional golf ball. It will get up in the air. A player can swing full momentum and still walk over to pick up the result. The only question is how they get them off of the birdies.

Complete with shot distances, topographical features and green scans to indicate putt breaks, GolfLogix helps a player see a golf track as only modern technology can. The app is available for iOs and Android devices, including smartwatches. For players who want similar data, but in a less gadget-oriented way, GolfLogix also produces yardage and putt break Greenbooks for many significant courses. Buy: GolfLogix 12 Month Subscription Swing Align The best time to learn good swing mechanics is when a player first decides to pick up the game of golf.

If a golfer comes to the sport as a child, they can learn from the ground up and find a comfortable swing at an early age. For adults coming to the party a little later, getting to the Swing Align trainer early can help them learn proper swing path, arm position, hip turn and other critical physical functions. Buy: Swing Align The Runytek gives you a target you can lay down anywhere from the office to home to the range if you wisely put in between shots while hitting a bucket of balls.

The hinged edges offer a little extra resistance at the end of the putt, training you to avoid the yips and leaving it short. Frogger Golf BrushPro We once had a golf coach who warned us he would send us home from the range or golf course if we showed up with dirty golf clubs. That taught us to clean our clubs regularly after practice days and after rounds. The Frogger Golf BrushPro has different brush strengths to clean club faces and a spike to clean grooves.

Buy: Frogger Golf BrushPro Arccos Caddie The Arccos Caddie system employs a mix of a free app and specially designed sensors that plug into any standard club grip. The sensor caps work with the app to offer accurate data on shot requirements, average club distances, range-finding to the pin and advanced swing analytics. All added together, Arccos does behave like a caddy on hand to aid your round.

Still, they require a player to put down the club, unpack the device, take a laser shot, etc. Using standard GPS settings worked into thousands of courses, the comfortably weighted watch needs only a quick glance to let the wearer know distances to course hazards and the front, middle and back of greens.

The design throws in an umbrella stand and a drink holder for kicks. That builds confidence on the greens. Ask them their favorite color in passing and pick one up before his next outing. Mizuno Elite This scribe switched to the Mizuno mid-season and stayed with it. Designed to maintain its soft feel through multiple uses with fine leather and layered stitching, the Mizuno Elite works in patches of flex mesh material to add extra flexibility and breathability — reducing sweat inside the glove.

Movable weights along the outside edge of the club can correct ball flight if you hook or slice. Finally, the Trajectory Tuning 2. So, these stretchy gold pants from Amazon Essentials are exactly what your golfer needs to keep their legs safe when on the green. MyJoys For the golfer who demands exact specs — while looking for equally en pointe styling — FootJoy began offering its bespoke MyJoys service in It comes with plenty of practical features, such as a durable, high-impact design and its BITE Magnetic Mount for convenient attachments to golf carts.

Onboard A. The Net Return Quickly establishing themselves as the maker of essential golf practice tools, the people at Net Return build outstanding catch-alls for home practicing. Perfect for the dedicated golfer who wants to work on their game at home, anytime, day or night, indoors or outdoors, a sturdy, well-designed Net Return allows you to practice any kind of shot without doing damage to surrounding property.

This cleverly designed dartboard is an alternative to the traditional concentric circles found on a standard board.

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