Police Car Driving Motorbike Riding

Police Car Driving Motorbike Riding

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All thrills action of police motorbike riding can be played now! At any time alerts from the police radio, accept the police response and make your way to the crime to get right into the real cop /5(K).

City Car Driving Simulator is a realistic car simulation game that takes place at night in a beautiful city! You can create your own perfect ride by customizing the car’s wheels and steering. There is traffic on the road, but there are no pedestrians. You are free to do whatever you want, so you can just enjoy the night view or you can try to crash every car out there!

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Police Motorbike City Driving is one of the best bike games for Android! Drive motorbikes to top speeds through city streets from a wide selection of top of the line police bike. Pass by fellow /5().

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police car driving motorbike riding!new maxx chasing the Criminal Android gameplay.

Police Bike Simulator – Play Police Bike Simulator Online on SilverGames

Police Car Driving: Motorbike Riding – Police Officer Simulator – Android GameplayGoogle Play link: politedriving.com?id=politedriving.com

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You can follow the signs. The signs are brown hexagon-shaped signs, like you see in the photograph. You see villages now safe because of the Deltawerken huge dams and dikes , and you will see the influence of the North Sea everywhere, starting in Terneuzen, the Lek en Lingeroute takes you to the land between the big riverarms, with windmills, old vollages and towns, and fruit trees, starting in Arkel, the Mergellandroute takes you through the only landscape with steep hills of the Netherlands, through picturesque villages with half timbered houses, along the only vineyards of the Netherlands, and along small cafe’s and restaurants everywhere, starting in Maastricht, the Nieuwlandroute, through the region that used to be the bottom of the Zuiderzee: long straight roads, but still, it was the bottom if the sea In all cases especially in case of the Mergellandroute , you should avoid sundays.

Oudewater: a very small Dutch town Amsterdam Many Dutch towns have centers that were built in the "Golden Age", the 17th century, when the Dutch traded over the whole world and were very rich at least, some of them. Amsterdam is an example of such a town, and it has a big 17th century and earlier center, with the famous canals.

Riding on a motorcycle through Amsterdam is a special experience. There are trams, many bicycles, many people on foot crossing the streets without looking, and bridges over the canals. Many smaller towns There are many smaller towns in the Netherlands with picturesque old centers. Delft is a famous example because of Vermeer and Delft blue tiles , Gouda is another famous one because of the cheese and its pipes , Oudewater is a beautiful small town.

No matter where you will spend your time in the Netherlands, there will be small towns with old centers. What to see? On the photograph, you see the beach at Hoek van Holland, which has the extra bonus of big ships, sailing to and from the ports of Rotterdam.

On sunny days during summer, the beaches will be full of people, and the roads that lead to the sea will be jammed with cars. Note, hoewever, that riding on the beach is forbidden everywhere: the action on this photograph is illegal Sand dunes Between the beaches and the land inside are sand dunes, sometimes over a broad area.

The sand dunes are as well strictly forbidden territory for motorcycles. To the north side, they have long sandy beaches, and to the south side, they face the "Waddenzee", a sea that has a muddy bottom, and is so shallow that parts of it are without water during low-tide. The people on these islands have always been living with and off the sea and nowadays off tourism.

Note that Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog don’t allow cars or motorcycles! Fisherman villages There are several villages along the coast that have a history of fishing. Scheveningen now inside the Hague and Katwijk are examples. Along the coast of what used to be the Zuiderzee, and has become a lake because of the "Afsluitdijk", are fisherman’s villages that retained much of their character.

Volendam is a famous example. Old towns Amsterdam itself full of water lies in Noord Holland, and of course you should visit it. But there are many old towns or villages to visit: Volendam is a famous old fishermen’s town, The Zaanse Schans is a well-preserved typical Noord-Hollands village, worth visiting.

And Bergen aan Zee is a beautifull village in the dunes near the North Sea coast, popular with artists since long ago. Staying there Every village or town near the coast has plenty of camping sites and hotels: it will never be a problem to find a place to stay. You can also book through Booking. Narrow road in the south of Limburg, wintertime Motorcycle country The south of Limburg is a typical motorcycle country: hills that make curves in the many roads, varying from broad to very narrow, leading from village to village, and very few traffic lights none if you keep to the narrow roads.

Because there is such a great choice of roads, and because the landscape is very small-scale, each ride will be a pleasure. Staying there Another pleasant propery if the south of Limburg is that there are plenty of places to sleep, plenty of places to eat good food, and to drink good beer or whine. And because there are many villages, the choice is abundant. Traditions If you’re lucky, you might bump into a procession, or parade, or the " getting of the may fir", or another traditional event.

Each village has several of such events, vaguely or not so vaguely catholic, that take place each year again, in the same way as it has been done for ages.

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