Precision Driving School

Precision Driving School

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This driving school had amazing instructors. I passed my driver’s test with a 90% because of the learning experience at the driving school. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to pass their driving test.

Description: Protea Driving School has been a landmark and leader in Drivers Instruction for the last 12 years. The driving school was started 20 years ago and the current owners bought it 12 years ago. Our well maintained fleet of 25 cars and 14 trucks makes us the biggest and Driving School in Pretoria.

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6 hours of driving Drive test opportunity for students who take driver education with us. We CANNOT do just driving lessons for any student who has a permit, but has not completed an online or traditional classroom portion of driver education. We offer driving for students who are enrolled in a full driver education course.

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This professional stunt driving school is designed for those wanting to learn or refine their behind-the-wheel skill. Once we’ve established a baseline, we will begin to break bad habits and introduce techniques that will allow for the safest, consistent stunt driving maneuvers available today.

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routes through busy cities with huge traffic volume and deal with the difficult lighting conditions of night-time driving. More than 30 Levels with a wide variety of challenging scenarios require precision and concentration. Are you ready for the ultimate Driving School Simulator – then grab your keys and start the ignition! FeaturesReviews:

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We are based out of Surrey, BC and operate throughout the lower mainland. Our mission is to provide guidence and training to each of our students to ensure the safety of the drivers on the road. We provide one on one training to make sure that you get all the undisturbed attention you require to make you a good driver.

Precision Driving School Features Classes for Teenagers Are you looking for classes for your kids or perhaps you want to get your hands on driving for the first time? Just come to us and our instructors got you covered. We have professional driving instructors with years of experience in driving. Affordable Prices We make sure that we charge appropriate fees so that we can serve maximum people who want help in getting their license.

Our price is affordable for everyone but that does not lower the quality of our services. Classes for Adults We have professional instructors who are here to help you get the license you want no matter how naive you are. They are the people who know the rules and traffic laws. We work on your weaknesses and help you get rid of old habits in driving. She puts a lot of dedication into making sure that you are successful in driving and believe me she is very honest!!!!

Her brother is also very good with tips and tricks, and provides you exceptional feedback as well. Vandana VB Its a perfect place to polish your driving skills or if you are new driver, to learn the nuances of driving. Romie Di is a very good teacher, very knowledgeable, experienced and patient. She observes your driving keenly and points out mistakes that would have been easily missed by anyone else and all this helps in clearing the road test.

She is a very friendly, patient and profession instructor. It took me 5 lessons and I cleared my test in one go. Jagdeep Singh Strongly recommend!

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