Puerto Rico Driving License

Puerto Rico Driving License

Puerto Rico

Within 30 days of registering in Puerto Rico, new residents must apply for a local driver’s license. If you have come to Puerto Rico to take of its many tax incentives, you have to obtain a Puerto Rican driver’s license immediately after purchasing a property or signing a lease contract.

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Puerto Rico (Spanish for ‘Rich Port’; abbreviated PR; Taino: Boriken, Borinquen), officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, lit. ‘Free Associated State of Puerto Rico’) is a Caribbean island and unincorporated territory of the United politedriving.com is located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, approximately 1, miles (1, km) .

Individuals seeking to obtain a firearms license in Puerto Rico must complete a notarized license application using form PR, Application for Weapons License. With the completed form, individuals must also provide proof of their social security number.

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The process of obtaining a Puerto Rico driver license is easy to follow. When you apply for your license, take the following basic information: Social security card, ID with your full name, residential and postal address, date of birth and driver’s license number (if applicable).

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Children under four years old must be seated in a child seat, while children between the ages of four and eight and who are less than 4 ft, 9 in and below 80 lbs. Children under the age of 12 can sit in the front seat of cars only if airbags are disabled. As public transport is lacking on the island, renting a car in Puerto Rico allows you to discover both the cities and the coast. Instead of spending money on tours, plan your own road trip around the island and venture beyond San Juan to Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo, which is a km 76 mi drive to the southwest of the island.

If you plan to go off the beaten track with your rental car in Puerto Rico, it is worth considering a larger car. A four-wheel drive will benefit your journey around the rain forest, like El Yunque National Forest, especially with its abundance of hills. If you plan to visit the town of Ponce in the south of the island, you should rent a compact car to explore the Creole culture and seafront boardwalk. Around Puerto Rico, you will find plenty of parking options, including free spaces.

In yellow zones, you cannot park in these areas at any time. What is the best rental car company in Puerto Rico? How can I find car rentals near me in Puerto Rico? Take a look at our extensive car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

Where should I rent a car in Puerto Rico? How much does it cost to rent a car for a week in Puerto Rico? How much does it cost to rent a car long term for a month in Puerto Rico? What is driving like in Puerto-Rico?

You will need to drive on the right-hand side of the road when you rent a car in Puerto Rico. Between midnight and am, you may cross red traffic lights, provided you stop first. How old do you have to be to rent a car in Puerto-Rico? The maximum age limit for renting a car is 75 years old, and drivers younger than 25 can expect a young driver surcharge. You will need your domestic or international driving license to drive in the country.

How are gas prices in Puerto-Rico? There are several gas stations around the island and along the main highways; stations stay open until about pm. You need to pay inside the kiosk before pumping your gas. What are the speed limits in Puerto-Rico?

The maximum speed limits are considerably slower in Puerto Rico compared to elsewhere. Car rental locations in Puerto Rico.

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