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Since , Gulf Driving School has been providing driver & rider training to its individual customers and corporate clients. Gulf Driving School conducts lessons in English, Arabic and Urdu. Courses: Motorcycle, Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles; Locations: Al Fadaill Street, Al Thumama, Doha, Qatar; Gulf Driving School Zone – 92, Al-Aqaria Labour Camp.

Kiran Kundeti. One of the best driving school in Qatar I wish all the team Doha driving academy. Jawsi sm. Great experience with Doha Driving Academy. I got license in 14 teaching staff, everything is perfect. Muhammad Haris. Great experience, got my license in .

Institute Qatar Driving offers you the service you need. We have programs to fit your needs, whatever your situation or your requirements. Choose a driving school is one of the important decisions of all people need to learn to drive. Leadership may contain risk, so it’s important to find a school that care a lot about leadership and learning also interested .

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Karwa Driving School (KDS) is the only driving school in Qatar with the capability to offer training solutions for personal driving licensing, personal road safety needs and industrial transportation requirements in the GCC.

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Kiran Kundeti. One of the best driving school in Qatar I wish all the team Doha driving academy. Jawsi sm. Great experience with Doha Driving Academy. I got license in 14 teaching staff, everything is perfect. Muhammad Haris. Great experience, got my license in .

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Once you choose your driving school, you will be required to take an eyesight test that will determine if you are eligible to secure a license. Step 2: Application Process It is important for you to first establish where you fall in terms of the prerequisites for obtaining an eligible driving license in Qatar. In addition, if you have a license from any of the countries the Qatari government has specified , you may take the driving test without having to take any classes. However, if you do not have a license from the countries mentioned above, you are required to take driving lessons.

Once you have cleared your eyesight test through an optician present at your school or an accredited clinic, it is time to apply for your driving course. Each driving school varies in terms of what documents they require for registration; however, the following documents are generally required throughout driving academies in Qatar: Valid Qatar ID Eye Test Receipt Passport size photograph quantity varies across schools You are required to provide these documents along with an application form that asks for your general information.

As the government has specified , for every beginner learning to drive, at least 15 hours of theory classes and 35 hours of practical classes are mandatory. On the other hand, students who are license holders in their home countries are eligible for half courses that act as a refresher before they take their final test.

You can also choose between VIP courses or regular courses. Choosing a VIP course decreases waiting time on tests and registration. In addition, students get the liberty to choose their test dates and their own driving instructors. However, during the pandemic, driving schools have withheld in-person classes and introduced alternatives for their students. Doha Driving Academy has introduced an application for prospective students where they can access theoretical lessons and even take mock exams online to prepare for their actual test at the academy.

Step 5: Take the theoretical test Right after the registration and application process, you will be given a tentative date for your test where you are required to arrive at your driving school. Prior to the test date, students either taking full or half courses are required to prepare through resources provided by their school.

Previously, approximately two months ago, students were required to take a test with 20 questions out of which 19 had to be correct. However, according to a representative at Holoteq , an information technology firm responsible for the distribution of theoretical tests for driving schools, students now have to answer 40 questions in 30 minutes without a single error as the government has tightened the application and test process to ensure security.

Your test scores will be displayed on the screen immediately after you take the test. After clearing the test, you will have to choose a schedule for practical lessons. Time to take the wheel! Step 6: Start your Practical lessons As you begin your lessons with your instructors, you can choose the type of car you want to drive, e.

According to Doha Driving Academy, with the help of your driving instructor, you will start learning the fundamentals of driving like perpendicular parking, L parking, reverse parking, parallel parking and general road test. Usually, to prepare for driving, your driving school will provide you with additional facilities like traffic simulation where you can have an immersive experience before you drive on an actual road.

Upon approval of your instructor, you will be given a tentative test date where you are required to take a practical driving test. Step 7: Take your Practical test The day has come when you finally get your driving license! In a test with a traffic police officer, it is determined if you are prepared to drive in Qatar. In this test, you will be asked to perform multiple parking techniques, drive in a gated area within your testing center and finally, to test your proficiency, your examiner will take you on the road.

During the test, you are also required to answer further questions about traffic laws and signs. The practical test is relatively challenging, however, with proper preparation and practice, passing is achievable. Just after you finish your practical test, your examiner will tell you whether you have failed or passed the test. If you pass, the Traffic Police department will issue your license immediately after. However, unfortunately, if you fail, you will be required to wait for one week and pay QAR to retake the practical test.

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