Rich Is Driving From Philadelphia

Rich Is Driving From Philadelphia

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Rich is driving from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh at 70 mos and Michelle is diving from Pittsburgh to Philadelph Get the answers you need, now!

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7 easy Philadelphia escapes you can get to in 3 hours or less

Harrowgate is located at the northeast side of Kensington and is close to Kensington Avenue. The people of Carroll-Park are predominantly working-class African Americans. It is bordered by Kingsessing on the northeast side and Eastwick on the southwest side. These communities were built around Catholic parishes that were founded in the early 20th century. Elmwood is currently no. According to history, Frankford was divided between Frankford and East Frankford and the entire area of Frankford Avenue.

This division caused a rift among Caucasians and African Americans who occupy the west and east side, respectively. However, this division has blurred over the years and is now a thing of the past. This makes it the least dangerous neighborhood in this list. Statistically, there is a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in North Central.

Other places to avoid in Philadelphia, PA Apart from these neighborhoods listed above, here is a list of some other unsafe areas in Philadelphia that you must avoid if you choose to visit the city: Brewerytown.

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