Saudi Arabia Driving License

Saudi Arabia Driving License

Saudi Arabia Granted Women The Right To Drive. A Year On, It’s Still Complicated.

Requirements to issue Private Driving License for Saudis: The applicant’s minimum must be 18 years. Provide medical check-up report. Provide a copy of Civil Affairs ID. Provide six photos, size (4X6) cm. Pay the required fees. Provide a file to save documents. Issue Public Driving License for Saudis.

Driving License Test in Saudi Arabia is an examination for obtaining a valid driving license. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the Driving License test, questions to rules and regulations of driving a vehicle, road traffic symbols/signs, duties of a driver, etc. are asked. KSA Driving Licence Test Questions Jan,

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Select the police traffic services from the list of e-services. Select the service (Renewing Driving License). Click on (Select a License), then select the license type with (Special Driving License), the number of years (2 – 5 – 10 years), and click (Next). Confirm renewal. The license is renewed.

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Driving in Saudi Arabia

This service allows car agencies to issue driving licenses. The driving age in Saudi Arabia is 18 for males, women are not permitted to drive. Foreign driving licenses. UK and US citizens and those with international driving licenses can use their current passports to drive in Saudi Arabia for up to three months. Convert your driving license. A government press office announced the news and provided quotations from the women along with photographs of them and their new licenses.

A short video clip of the first of the women being handed her license from a uniformed traffic official was widely shared on social media. One of the women posted a photo of her new license on Twitter with a blue sky behind it. Allowing women to drive is a major social change in Saudi Arabia, where women have long been kept out of public life and limited to certain professions. Being able to drive could accelerate this process, making it easier for women to get themselves to and from work without having to pay for taxis or the foreign drivers who now shuttle them around.

But parts of Saudi society remain deeply conservative, and some men could prevent their female relatives from driving, despite the lack of a legal means to do so. The recent arrests singled out a number of men and women who had been involved in challenging the driving ban, including some who drove around Riyadh, the capital, to publicly protest it in The statement did not identify any of the detained by name. Post navigation.

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