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Self Driving Car Gif

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Automakers and ride-hail companies are racing to put self-driving cars on the road. In a few weeks, Uber passengers in Pittsburgh will be able to hail self-driving Volvos. Last month, Tesla announced its hopes to build an autonomous ride-hailing fleet. And this month, Ford said it plans to mass-produce autonomous vehicles by These timelines might seem .

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Tesla Owner Videos Show ‘Full Self-Driving’ Beta Has a Long Way to Go

The biggest shift that may result from self-driving cars is an end to widespread auto ownership, with taxis taking their place. The idea is that a driver’s wages are what make taxis expensive. Without drivers, then, taxis could become cheap and ubiquitous.

We’re already headed down this road, with Uber revealing this week that someday its entire taxi fleet will be self-driving. Someday, taxis like this may be automated. The average person will likely benefit from the reduced need to own a car. American drivers pay The promise of self-driving cars is that these costs would disappear, or at least shrink.

Homes that include parking may not be necessary if self-driving cars become widespread. With fewer privately owned cars, we won’t need as many parking lots. Think about it; when you’re at work, asleep, eating, showering, hanging out with friends, or doing whatever, your car just sits there, taking up space and money.

Self-driving cars may eliminate this kind of waste. After dropping someone off, they could go pick up another person, and later they could be stored remotely and compactly. Self-driving cars may also make streets safer and less congested. Google is already figuring out how to make its cars safer than human-controlled vehicles. And if the cars become widespread, entire transportation systems could be " hyperoptimized " so all the vehicles on the road interact efficiently.

Imagine a world with no erratic drivers, no pointless lane changing, and no accidents due to human error. Suddenly the evening commute would become a lot less hellish. That said, these benefits could be decades away because they would require vast numbers of self-driving cars on the road. Flickr: wonderlane Some people believe self-driving cars will significantly reduce traffic jams.

But if there’s one reason to be skeptical, it’s that cars themselves are simply less space efficient than other forms of transportation. Self-driving cars also will have to use infrastructure that has historically damaged cities. These freeways are extremely costly and continue take a toll on their respective cities. Via Google maps Detroit with freeways cutting through its neighborhoods. All of which means that the rise of self-driving cars will maintain demand for things like freeways — where cars are welcome but that are alienating to anyone using a different way to get around.

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