Self- Driving Car Stocks

Self- Driving Car Stocks

Intel Plans To Take Self-driving Car Unit Mobileye Public

Intel Corp said on Monday it plans to take self-driving-car unit Mobileye public in the United States in mid, a deal which could value the .

Hamtramck Driving Test

Tesla’s Self Driving Beta Software Shows Humans How To Drive This Dangerous Road

Recently, Tesla has been rolling out the software to new testers via a safety score , increasing the number of participants. YouTuber CGP Grey recently got access to the beta and decided to take an autonomous drive on the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina, which he explains is an incredibly dangerous road in the U.

He describes that with the closest hospital an hour away, ambulances can be found waiting in this location on the busiest days. In the video, various accidents are shown on the road from human drivers. It seems the humans just can’t keep it together, and want to push their vehicles with risky behaviors, resulting in many accidents. The robot car, on the other hand, takes the curves slow and smooth.

The Tesla ends up on the other side of the dangerous road with no input from the human driver at all. FSD Beta made the drive look easy by comparison. Some jobs are just better delegated to machines. And while this road may look easy enough, the statistics show that is a dangerous piece of road, easily handled and navigated by a self driving car.

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