Sixth Nerve Palsy And Driving

Sixth Nerve Palsy And Driving

Sixth Nerve Palsy

Sixth nerve palsy occurs when the sixth cranial nerve is or doesn’t work right. It’s also known as the abducens nerve. This condition causes problems with eye movement. The sixth cranial nerve sends signals to your lateral rectus muscle. This is a small muscle that attaches to the outer side of your eye.

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In congenital sixth nerve palsy, a problem with the sixth cranial nerve is present from birth. This may happen as a of injury during birth. Sometimes, the cause of sixth nerve palsy is unknown. Sixth nerve palsy that happens without additional symptoms is usually due to one of the following: Injury; Congenital cause; Viral illness; High blood pressureMissing: Driving.

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Join Date: Apr Location: Quakertown, PA. 2. Sixth Nerve Palsy. I have recently been diagnosed with Sixth Nerve Palsy. My symptoms are double vision especially when driving. Originally in Feb when I went to the eye doctor I was told the muscles in my eyes were weak. I was precribed new lenses, which I got immediately.

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sixth (6th) nerve palsy


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