Slow Driving

Slow Driving

Defensive Driving: The Dangers Of Driving Too Slowly

The reason behind cases of slow driving is distraction whether the driver is using their cellphone, eating, or talking with a passenger. Other factors contribute to the danger of slow driving as well. Road Slow driving can trigger road in other drivers.

Rash Driving

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Listed below are driving scenarios where driving too slowly can become dangerous. Highways Driving too slowly on a highway is considered to be very unsafe. Not obeying the speed limit can put yourself and other drivers at risk for a collision and is against the law. It is dangerous and illegal for a slower moving vehicle to cut in front of a faster moving vehicle. Drive in the right-hand lane when possible. Although, if there are weather or physical hazards on the road, then adjust your speed accordingly.

Distracted driving Not paying attention to the roads when driving can be deadly. If you lower your speed when fiddling with the GPS or talking and texting on your mobile, it still does not make it safe in anyway. Distracted drivers can experience slow or even non-existent reaction time to hazards around them.

To help curb the distracted driving epidemic, please have your mobile device turned off when driving or keep it out of sight in your purse, your car glove compartment or trunk. Student drivers Some young drivers may not be fully confident in their driving abilities yet, and will drive below the speed limit. As cautious as they are trying to be, it can also be considered risky and cause traffic build up. If you are stuck behind a slow driver, try to remain patient and resist the urge to pass unless it is safe and clear to do so.

You can also flash your lights at the driver to let them know they are going too slow in the lane. Related posts.

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