Spongebob Toe Driving

Spongebob Toe Driving

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I always think of this scene when I explain how lightly you press on the gas to others. 1. level 1. Upstairs_Magazine · 22d. i love when SpongeBob drives with his big toe after Patrick says big toe and then his big toe pops out of his shoe. 1. r/BikiniBottomTwitter. home of the finest spongebob memes and art.

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[SpongeBob pushes lever down to drive] Put it in drive. Then what? SpongeBob: [lifts leg up] Floor it? Mrs. Puff: No! [screams] No! Patrick: [through walkie-talkie] Freeze, mister! [SpongeBob stops] Big toe. [SpongeBob’s big toe pops out of his shoe and gently pushes the accelerator down] Mrs. Puff: Oh, gracious. Oh, gracious! Oh-oh. Ha-ha! Ah, we haven’t crashed yet.

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SpongeBob gives up his self-driving days. Coupe asks what he plans on doing with him, and ends up becoming a kiddie ride outside of the Krusty Krab. He is rode excessively by Patrick while the latter eats ice cream, much to his misery and suffering, as the episode ends.

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Taylor Fishbowl Synopsis The episode starts at Squidward’s house , Squidward tries to make a self-portrait when he is interrupted by a song that SpongeBob is singing about how he has an "attitude of gratitude". After Squidward tells SpongeBob to stop, he slips on some spilled paintbrushes, falls down the stairs and through the floor, breaks a plumage pipe, resulting in spewing water. When SpongeBob offers to help, Squidward denies that he needs help and tells SpongeBob not to help him ever again.

He tightens the pipe so much that the water can’t get through. Squidward then walks off grumpily as he’s late for work. At the Krusty Krab, Squidward rudely yells "Pardon me! Squidward scolds everyone that he says he doesn’t have time to count pennies when a fish tries to pay for a Krabby Patty with a huge pile of them, comments at a blue fish eating a Krabby Patty tapping his foot on the floor, gets mad with Nat Peterson for holding the door and leaving fingerprints, thinks people are leaving "trash" on the tables, insults a frail woman’s clattering dentures, and a red fish’s tall hat.

He even scolds a blue fish for taking too long to eat and another for taking too long in the bathroom. When SpongeBob passes by still singing about his attitude of gratitude, Squidward scolds him to stop. Immediately afterwards, a previously dormant volcano erupts. Everybody in the Krusty Krab evacuates because it is falling to pieces. Krabs sees no point in trying to run away and demands Squidward’s and SpongeBob’s life essence after the cash register is destroyed until someone points out the shelter.

In the shelter, the mayor is trying to calm everyone, but they won’t stop worrying. Before they throw him into the volcano alive, SpongeBob offers to be thrown in because he made Squidward miserable. Squidward accidentally falls off a ledge and asks SpongeBob for help. Meanwhile, the pipe at Squidward’s house has built up so much water that it sends the house flying, and it falls into the volcano.

SpongeBob then lets Squidward sleep under his pineapple, as the episode ends.

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