Swift Driving School

Swift Driving School

Swift Start Driving School.

If you’re serious about going to school for your CDL license, then you’ll want to choose one that can help you learn how to drive a tractor-trailer safely. And at Swift Academy, you can do that in as little as three weeks, and earn your license in as little as four. From day one, our instructors focus on you – your skills, your knowledge, and your success.

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Plus, you’ll be paid while driving with a mentor2. And, if you’re coming to Swift from another CDL training program, we even have a tuition reimbursement program3 for you. With our scholarship program for military veterans, you and your spouse or dependent can receive a full scholarship4 to the Swift Academy. And after you’ve earned your Class A CDL, you can take part in our nationally approved Military Apprenticeship Program, which can give you even greater financial rewards as you embark on your journey with Swift.

To get started, find a Swift Academy near you — and discover how rewarding a career at Swift can be. Drivers with verifiable experience elsewhere may drive with a mentor for less time. The length of time any driver is required to drive with a mentor is determined on a case-by-case basis. The opportunity came to become a driver, I applied for Swift and they accepted me into the academy.

I learned so fast while I was there. It was a pretty amazing experience.

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