Taylormade Driving Iron

Taylormade Driving Iron

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The combination of a forged C face, SpeedFoam™ within a hollow body and a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ allows SIM UDI to push the limits of ball speed while maintaining premium feel. Inverted Cone Technology provides a wide sweet spot and protects speed across the face. Tour-Validated Shape/5().

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PLEASE NOTE – SHAFTS AND GRIPS SHOWN ARE A SELECTION, FOR ANY OTHER OPTIONS US FOR PRICE / AVAILABILITY. SpeedFoam™ Air Newly engineered SpeedFoam™ Air is 69% lighter than its predecessor. It provides an of g of weight savings that has been redistributed to further optimize mass properties for bette.

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Further enhanced by an ultra-thin mm face and a mini Inverted Cone, this driving iron delivers distance and accuracy like never before seen in an iron. Elegantly Crafted Design Incorporating direct feedback from our top Tour athletes, P UDI features minimal offset, a straighter topline, and refined shaping for a clean look at politedriving.combility: Out of stock.

Description. The TaylorMade P• UDI is designed for players seeking low spin, a piercing trajectory and control without sacrificing distance, even for those with faster swing speed. Creating a distance monster utility iron starts with the politedriving.com: Taylormade.

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Shop new and used TaylorMade irons from the fantastic selection available at 2nd Swing. TaylorMade irons are helping players get the out of their swing and enjoy the game of golf more because of it. From high handicappers to Tour pros, TaylorMade offers something for everyone to improve their performance.

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Best Driving Irons 2022

A Driving Iron or utility iron is a traditionally a low degree iron that is used off the tee block in order to hit the ball a great distance. Driving irons are a club primarily used by low handicap golfers. Though they that are quite tricky to hit. The first being the fill a gap in their game. High-level players that have good control over distances tend to use this club to fill the spot between their lowest iron and their hybrid or five wood.

The second reason being the consistent iron player. Some golfers struggle to hit woods or drivers consistently. Many times these golfers still have great control over their irons. Though driving irons are a tough club to hit they certainly reduce your risks of slicing and hooking compared to a driver or 3 wood. Now whether you are in either camp. Driving irons present you a great opportunity to step up your game and shave off a couple of strokes. Luckily we have some tips that should smooth over the process and have you hitting this club off the tee blocks in no time.

Try to keep your wrist and hands firm. Keeping your wrists firm further in your backswing will increase the consistency with this club. Move the ball closer to your front foot. These driving irons are not built with much loft so moving the ball further up in your stance will help you launch the ball higher if you are struggling with that aspect of this club.

Some golfers just tend to swing better with an iron in their hands. Not to mention the hardest club to hit is your driver. By choosing a Driving Iron off the tee some golfers find they are able to shave a few strokes off their game. A stinger is a low loft hard shot that travels a massive distance. Here is a video showing how you can shoot a stinger with a Driving Iron.

This is due to the low ball flight that these clubs generate. You will not be able to find a club that can hit the ball this distance while keeping it lower than a Driving Iron. Punch outs are another instance in which driving irons come in handy. Consistency is another pro that can come with the use of a utility iron. Many golfers struggle to keep their long-distance shots straight.

The reduced size gives golfers much less room for error and tends to be less forgiving than hybrids and fairway woods. The learning curve is another con of using a Driving Iron. These clubs are still referred to as one of the hardest to hit in golf so mastering these is no walk in the park. It would be tough to tell you exactly how far you will hit a driving iron but we can tell you how long you will hit it compared to your other clubs.

Your driving iron distance should sit between your lowest iron and your 3-wood or 5-wood. For example, say you hit your lowest iron yards and your five wood typically goes when hit well you should find your driving iron will hit in that range. Best Driving Irons Conclusion We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the best driving irons of If you enjoyed this guide we recommend you check out our guide to golf alignment sticks.

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