Tc City Driving

Tc City Driving

Welcome To [TC] CityDriving

Live for Speed server: [TC] LFS on Twitch:http.

‎City Driving 2 game, the second game of City Driving which was downloaded by more than 12 million users and was played more than million times, is now published. Completely realistic missions and car driving experience are waiting for you. GAME FEATURES – Realistic city car driving (Completely.

Crash Course Driving Lessons

It’s ‘[TC] CityDriving two’ but it’s obviously not one of the real servers. #23 – Skinzinho. Sat, Skinzinho. No longer welcome. Joined: Sun, TC Two is up and running, at least now. I can say that TC is a BRCruise rival, but we cannot agree with this behavior of banned players. I will be there.

Tala Driving School

Welcome to [TC] Racing

All [TC] Gaming services, including our forum, websites and LFS servers are currently experiencing a severe Denial of Service attack and have been for several days. As a result, our LFS servers keep losing connection to the master server which is letting a certain group of individuals start up fake servers under our name. Please note that any InSim that may be running on these servers is not ours.

We will not submit to blackmail and we will not negotiate with the attackers. Evidence, including screenshots, server logs and text dumps are available on request. Until such a time that we can end the disruption, please do not connect to any LFS server with [TC] branding as we cannot guarantee that it is one of ours.

Rest assured, we have not been hacked, all of our data is intact and we are working extremely hard to resolve these issues. The people responsible for this attack are de facto criminals and should be treated as such. You can keep up to date with our status in this thread, on our Facebook page , via our Twitter accounts , or on our Discord server. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope to resume normal service as soon as possible.

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