Team Driving Jobs

Team Driving Jobs

The Best Trucking Companies For Team Drivers

Team driving is when two truck drivers ride together and share the driving time in the same truck. Driving with a team partner is not a new concept. It’s been around since the beginnings of trucking! Some prefer team driving, but many do not. While many professional truck drivers can choose to drive on a team, some truck driver training schools require that you Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

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10 Best Trucking Companies For Team Drivers In US

You can read the full disclosure policy, which is pretty dull, but here it is. Driving with a team partner is not a new concept. Some prefer team driving, but many do not. While many professional truck drivers can choose to drive on a team, some truck driver training schools require that you pair up with a trainer in order to complete your CDL training.

There are two drivers who share driving time. Each driver will have on-duty and off-duty shifts. By allowing one driver to sleep while the other driver is keeping the truck moving, the amount of downtime a truck has is significantly reduced. The drivers are paid for their combined mileage which averages at a higher amount than a solo driver. Trucking companies like truck driving teams because it makes they increase the efficiency of their operation.

Some aspects of team truck driving fall into a grey area. Things like scheduling, division of pay, personal habits, sharing control, and trust all come into play when you are working closely with another person — liking that person just makes everything easier.

Pros of Team Truck Driving 1. It maximizes their profit margin by keeping their trucks moving round the clock. You may have a better chance of getting a driving job, especially if you are a newly licensed or inexperienced driver. Trucking companies and their customers love the fact that the deliveries are faster than if transported by a solo driver.

Driving teams have always been in demand. Drivers are typically not as worried about getting enough work. Husband and Wife Teams Husband and wife drivers enjoy the ability to spend time together while getting work done. Driving as a team with your driving partner also being your life partner can be enough of a benefit in itself. Cons of Truck Driving Teams 1. Quality of Sleep The quality of sleep for team drivers is a factor.

Because of the unnatural, sporadic sleep pattern these drivers endure, sleep is really messed up and the trucker is often tired. Try to imagine feeling rugged the day after a restless, sleepless night, behind the wheel of a semi. It can take time to get accustomed to at first. Drivers with team driving jobs are under pretty strict schedules and at the mercy of their co-driver, as well as delivery schedules.

Imagine feeling unwell and bouncing around in a big truck, and not being able to stop. Not fun at all. Sharing Control Not surprisingly, some drivers have trouble sharing control. Scheduling who gets to drive when or how the route should run can result in some arguments. You need to be able to tolerate the habits and quirks of your team driving partner.

Even a mildly irritating habit can be amplified when you are under high stress and close quarters. The truck can literally go non-stop, as long as the team drivers want to, essentially. Does this make for a solid family life?

Not at all. We outline both perspectives for you to decide. Trusting Your Co-Driver A giant leap of faith is needed here. If either makes a mistake while at the wheel, it can be fatal. Not trucking your co-driver, can add a lot of unneeded stress to your day. If you do trust them, then you can kick back and relax.

The truck is in the middle of Wyoming in a snowstorm, both are feeling too sick to drive any further. Then what? If one has a great immune system, this can work in your favor. It may allow you to keep on track while the other is resting but then again, how great will the rest be in the bunk? Are the drivers compatible? Long, hard driving time, restless sleep, tiny living space, and fast food.

It varies drastically between. But at the end of the day, depending on the motivation and circumstances of the team, team truck drivers make roughly the same as solo drivers. The money earned from a team often goes into the same bank account, so it can be a profitable venture. Even a great relationship, such as one between a husband and wife, could feel strained without finding a balance. The same rules apply as they would for a professional relationship. You have to have respect and trust to make a husband and wife driving team work.

You will be running in the truck as a driving team. Be aware there are some uncomfortable situations you can find yourself in with a driver trainer during your CDL training. Many drivers, especially new drivers are not accustomed to driving through the night and at odd hours.

Inexperience combined with stress can result in some dangerous driving situations. Absent Driver Trainer — Sometimes the trainer will sleep while the trainee is at the wheel. This means there is no direct supervision of the unqualified driver trainee.

Review potential questions with your trainer before they go off-shift but keep in mind that it is not your responsibility to anticipate every possible situation. It is their job to prep you as best as they can. Sexual Harassment — There have been documented cases of sexual harassment for female driver trainees.

If this happens to you, report it and demand a new trainer immediately. No one needs to tolerate this unacceptable behaviour. It is common for trainers to have as little as 6 months experience with a CDL. But honestly less than 5 years? Long Trips — Often the trips with the driver trainer are very long. If your trainer is inexperienced and you are uncomfortable with the situation, you can request the training trips be local rather than long.

Team truck driver jobs can be pretty attractive, especially to a newly licensed trucker who is hungry to turn lots of miles and make the big bucks. The hours are long, lack of rest can be a major issue, cabin fever can set in, and the pay check in the end for the extra stress is not often much heftier than that of a solo driver. Think about it carefully before taking on a job driving team.

I have had my Class 1 for 15 years now. At this company, drivers were to train, by driving with different drivers, to get your time behind the wheel. What a joke! There were some drivers who had been driving for many years there and I am sure there were some good truck drivers in the bunch. It was really just enough money for on the road expenses, but anyway, I accepted it.

I hated every second of team driving. I always prayed that they knew what they were doing behind the wheel! When she was driving and I was in the sleeper berth, I heard drivers yacking on the CB radio, about how someone had no respect for the hill! I decided to climb out of the bunk, and to my surprise, they were talking about her!!! Our truck was flying down the hill! Because we were going so fast,I thought we were in some kind of trouble!

I asked if we had lost our brakes or what the heck was going on! How dare she take my life and others into her hands! We were professional drivers and this was not very professional!!! I never saw her again after that run. He took his job seriously and every second behind that wheel, he knew something could go wrong. He was alert and always on his toes. I always felt safe with him behind the wheel.

I grew up in a trucking family. I am the only female driver in our family. My father is one of the best drivers I know. He has taken early retirement and people still call and beg him to drive their trucks for them. He took pride in his trucking job…. He was a great role model to me and his younger brothers!

Team driving is great for couples, and for people who know their partners well. I look back now and wanting my foot in the door so badly and wanting the experience I needed to land a better job in the trucking world, I risked my own life along with theirs. We owned the truck and reefer trailer, and hauled produce out of California. I knew my co-driver pretty well and his driving abilities, which raised my level of confidence in the team driving thing! We hauled a variety of products to the Southwestern U.

The outbound trips were easy and casual.

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